Don’t Miss These Destinations While Touring Vietnam

Apart from the historical evidences which would always influence an American’s travel to Vietnam, there are obviously other tourist spots which are worth mentioning. Thus, Americans nowadays are also planning trips to Vietnam and that too quite regularly in order to make it a multi-dimensional trip. Along with the trip being a wonderful way of spending their vacations amidst beautiful natural environment, this trip is also a study of history for some and for some, more importantly, it is a trip to visualize the places where their ancestors have fought. For some it was even the last war of their lives. Thus, if you are interested in beauty as well as history and culture, a Vietnam trip is inevitable in your life and the multiple dimensions definitely work as add-ons.

These are basically the things which has influences the rise in Vietnam visa applications. These days visa for Vietnam are not that hard to get as it used to be in the earlier times. So don’t believe in any myths. These days Vietnam visa is as easy as it gets. The actuality regarding this is the fact that Americans are eligible for Vietnam visa on arrival if the passport has minimum 6 months’ validity. Do there is nothing to worry about if you are planning for a trip. Once you have done so the places you cannot afford to miss are the ones that follow.

  1. Ha Long Bay: - The Bay of Descending Dragons as it is popularly called, is a 120 km coastline in Northern Vietnam. This is the best tourist destinations of Vietnam according to the tourists themselves. This comprises of several islands with dense forests and vegetation which makes this a wonderful as well as a healthy sight.
  2. Thien Mu Pagoda (Hue): - This seven stories, tallest pagoda of Vietnam is unofficially considered as the epitome of the former imperial capital of the country. This pagoda constructed centuries ago near the perfume river was a simple building to begin with. But gradually it has become the one it is now.
  3. Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi): - Not only is this sight about the natural scenic beauty which makes it a favourite leisure place among the locals, the myth attached to this place also makes it more interesting. The myth says King Le Loi was provided by the Gods with a magical sword through which he used to fight the Chinese invaders. Finally he performed Hoan Kiem (i.e. the returning of the sword) to the Golden Turtle God in this lake.
  4. Hoi An: - Popularly known as the Venice of Vietnam, this village still is an embodiment of an old Chinese town. Although it used to be an international port in the 16th century, it has been shifted from the city later on. The narrow canals cut through the parts of the city has been instrumental in making it the Venice of Vietnam.

Thus, with a host of wonderful sights with a lot of history and myths attached to them and many more still to come, this country definitely has the potential to become one of the leading travel destinations in Asia.

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