Enjoy Your Holiday with a Great Ocean Road Tour

One of the most famous and the most hunted after tourist destinations in Melbourne occurs to be the Great Ocean Road Tour. If you are new to Melbourne and desire to travel around the wonderful beauty of the rich coastal side of Melbourne, then take the Great Ocean Road Day Tours.

You will be excited by the superb rock formations, beautiful beaches and rocky terrain the entire along your tour. The Great Ocean Tour in Melbourne, walks on its way the globe's most good-looking beaches, where you will get to rest your feet in cold sands of the famous Bells Beach.

You can even travel around the world of the neighboring Koalas in their actual wilderness amidst the scented Eucalyptus trees, or can take a 'guided tour' of the striking Otways Rain Forest, with the company of superbly colorful parrots. Your child is sure to go wild when they will get an opportunity to feed some of the parrots with their preferred food too.

Your holiday with a Melbourne great ocean road tour will start early since, there is so much to see and do. The Great Ocean Road in Melbourne is a stunning stretch of coastal road that delivers a host of good-looking and natural landmarks.

Positioned along the south eastern coast of Australia, the Great Ocean Road was made by hand over the way of 16 years by servicemen, as a memorial to those who died throughout the First World War.
The Great Ocean Road is the biggest war memorial on the planet and is touted as one of the most famous road trips for tourist from the entire over the world. Taking the best great ocean road tour is one of the top methods to see all that The Great Ocean Road has to deliver up close and personal.

Some of the tourist attractions of the trip comprise visiting the twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge, both of which are positioned in The Port Campbell National Park, next to the Great Ocean Road.

Wandering further along you come to Apollo Bay, the heart of the Great Ocean Road area, placed at the foothills of the Otways, delivering clear, peaceful beaches and harbor, where water game abounds. Yet the raging sea is never far away, for those seeking to surf.

Just, inland from Apollo Bay, stop and take a walk in the rain jungle of the Otway Ranges, where you will be capable to see some of the high eucalyptus trees in Australia. This rainforest flourishes with ancient and lush plant life, good-looking waterfall and animals.

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