Parks and Sanctuaries around Bangalore

Karnataka is a state in southern India filled with all sorts of natural sights and views. There are the Western Ghats on one side and the Eastern Ghats and the Nilgiri ranges on the other. This means that the state is flanked by a number of mountains and hills, which makes the life in the valley below, one of the most vibrant ones. Karnataka is home to many cities and towns, some of which are some of the fastest growing cities in the world. It is hard to find wildlife in these cities, with most of the animal life being that of domesticated animals. Certain parks and lakes have migratory visitors, but animals of the jungle are rare.
Step a few kilometres outside the city and the story is completely different. The many forests in and around the cities are teeming with life. Some of them are indigenous to the region and there are a host of endangered species who call the forests of Karnataka their home. This has allowed the government to step in and claim the land as a national park, or wildlife reserve or a bird sanctuary.  Visiting these sites can help one come in touch with nature and life, it can also help one grasp how humans have affected the life around these parts over the course of history. Some of these places are:
Bannerghatta National Park: This is a site located a mere 22kms away from the hustling and bustling city of Bangalore. It is a home to many species of flora and fauna and is spread over a massive area of a 104.27 sqkm. The area is so big that the park itself has many attractions inside, which includes a butterfly park, a snake park, museums and so much more. One can find a great variety of animals in the area, including the famous Royal Bengal Tiger. This is a delight for photographers and videographers. Witnessing one of these animals out in the open can be a life-changing experience.
Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary: This sanctuary is spread over 67 sqkm and features some exotic and rare birds which come in and around the sanctuary every year. It is the most visited bird sanctuary in the country, with over 300000 visitors annually. It is 128 kilometres away from Bangalore but can be easily reached by car in a few short hours. There are over 170 species of birds in the area and the numbers can grow to be as large as 40000. There are seasons as many of these birds are migratory in nature and only come for certain time periods. The most species are seen during the months of November to June.
These two sanctuaries are some of the ones which are very popular; there are other sites which have a lot to offer. Getting to these places from anywhere in India is relatively easy. One can check the Delhi Bangalore flights schedule and book a flight anytime. Coming during the right season can help enrich one’s experience and spot more animals and birds.  

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