Tips for Travelers Getting Stuck in storm-affected areas

In Vietnam, between June and September can be the high season for traveling, however, this is also the monsoon season with unexpected weather developments such as tropical storms. Getting stuck in an isolated area because of storm can make us travelers very concern about personal safety. But if you follow these simple tips, you should be okay and head home in no time.
Tourists got stuck in Co To Island because of floods following storm

Constantly watch weather forecasts
When you are still in the planning phase for your trip, stay updated with the latest weather forecasts in local area. If your accommodations are likely to be affected by storms, it is highly suggested to consider postponing or canceling your reservation.
Traveling in the storm can proved to be highly dangerous, not to mention the fact that sightseeing and activities are likely to be unavailable, thus it will be a waste of time and money.

Adhere to instructions from guides or local officials
In case the storm surprisingly comes in while you are traveling, it’s no need to panic. If you travel in a group, you should follow instructions from your tour guides as they are experienced as are prepare for situations like these. But if you are traveling alone, follow instructions from local officials.

Take this as an experience
It’s better and more positive to take the storm as an unforgettable experience in your trip and a test of your courage and the ability to react in unwanted and unexpected weather conditions.
Instead of staying within the hotels moaning, you can have a coffee in the hotel’s bar, have a chat and try to communicate with fellow travelers who get stuck in the storm like you. Who knows you will hear some fascinating stories that you may never get told if you don’t face the storm.

Don’t walk freely in the storm
If you travel to beach and islands in stormy days, it’s better to avoid swimming, staying overnight on cruise or on deserted island as fierce winds can cause high waves threatening your own life.
Storm can also cause landslides so hiking and camping activities are not recommended. In the cities, you should limit traveling because of the risks caused by lightning, tree falls floods. The best solution is to remain within the hotel and wait for the weather to get better.

Arising expenses
Some bad weather conditions can be very hard to predict, plus no weather forecasts are exactly true. That’s the reason why you should always have extra budgets for your trip. You should also research and note down some other hotel address, in case you have to change your accommodations. Emergency contact is also very important and it needs to be saved.

Travel insurances are also very important for these kinds of situations.

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