North-western Railways: A Desert World

India is a vast country and has many different terrains as a result of the huge area it canvasses. Among the more prominent areas of the country is Rajasthan, a desert wonderland and the largest state in the country. Spanning across an area of 340000sq/km; it is rich in history and culture, with the earliest civilizations in the country being established here. The famous Rajputana Empire originates from this place and is home to many princely states such as the cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Ajmer. 
The railroads have been a significant addition to this region and have helped enrich the area with resources and an influx of immigrants. The railways in this region have been around for a long time and its history stretches all the way back to the late 1800s when the Rajputana Railways constructed a metre gauge track from Marwar to Pali. Throughout the early years of the railroads, a lot of expansion took place; some of the noteworthy events that took place were:
       In 1924 the Rajputana Railways were split into Bikaner and Jodhpur Railways.
       In 1951 the Jodhpur-Bikaner line was merged into the Northern Railways and was finally made into its own zone on October 1st, 2002.
       This railway also ran one of the first India-Pakistan trains; the Sindh Mail from the 1900s to 1965, it was then shut down due to conflicts between India and Pakistan. It was reopened for service again in 2006.    
The North-western Railways is headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan and remains one of the most important sectors of the IR in terms of employees and revenue. This region employs more than 60000 people and generates more than 500 million dollars in annual revenue. Each year more than 150 million passengers use the north-western Railways. The high revenue and the passenger usage can be attributed to the huge number of tourists and pilgrims that flock the state every year. This region is not just limited to the state of Rajasthan, but also includes parts of southern Punjab, Haryana and northern Gujarat.
The zone is divided into four zones for easier functioning and flexibility. It is also one of the four zones to receive an upgraded GPS enabled “Fog Pilot Assistance System.” This replaced an archaic practice of placing firecrackers on train tracks to warn drivers, which was dangerous and highly inefficient. Today, with these state-of-the-art systems drivers now know exactly where the markers on tracks are and the location of signals and level-crossing gates.
This desolate desert region can be a very beautiful one in its scenery; one can find a great many temples, monuments and forts. There are also a number of national parks and wildlife reserves in this region. There are a few places which are very unique to this region and possibly the world, such as the town of Pushkar, which is home to the only Brahma temple in the world. it makes for one enticing prospect and one should get on right away to get their train reservation and hop on a train for more adventures.

Explore Beautiful Tourist’s Places In The Himalayan Region

Are you looking to host the tour in Himalaya region? You have various options to choose best travel operator. In this location, travelers go tour with specific tour packages. The yoga tour packages in Himalaya takes nine nights and ten days. It provides chances for people get to relax in the tour. It is the peaceful location for visitors to see more beautiful and amazing places. It gives more memorable moments in your life and offers a chance to enjoy the lot with nature. Travel operators are available to visit more tourist places with your family. It explores awesome places and assists you to find spirituality, peace, the bounty of nature and serenity.

Best time for chadar trek Ladakh:
January and February are the best time to make the trip to the location. In the trekking, there are many breathtaking and intriguing places offer a chance to interact with village people. You find monasteries and Buddhist culture in the location. It takes 15 to 20 minutes on driving on daytime and 25 to 35 minutes at night. It is one of most adventurer spots to travelers. In the trekking, people see all fine-looking places at cost-effective prices.

A place to visit in yoga tour:

Rishikesh and the Ganges River Valley:
It is a good place to get relaxation. It is nestled in the foothills of Himalayan Mountains. It is surrounded with temples and ashrams which home of different gods. In this, you might go to yoga classes and workshops. In addition, it is acknowledged with god Vishnu.

In the trip, you visit Akshardham temple to worship God. It is well-known sightseeing places in Delhi. It gives peace of mind to all people. Yoga sessions will be handled by experts. They offer a professional guide to do all asanas in the institute.

Rajaji National Park:
In the park, you might go wildlife safari. Yoga session will be hosted at morning time. In the special season, you enjoy more in the park. Yoga assists people to gain more knowledge and get the stress free life. You meet astrologer to resolve risks in your real life. It is the best to place to know more about meditation and yoga.

Places to visit in chadar trek in Ladakh:

In the chadar trek Ladakh you might see chopta which located 2900 meters of Deoria Tal. Tourist reaches this spot via road. It provides beautiful views of Peak including Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Chaukhamba. It differs with the home of flora and fauna.

It is also called Moon rock. It shows views of tugnath mountain peaks. It is located at 13000 feet higher than the sea level. It gives some attractions of Nandadevi Peak, Trishul, Kedar Peak, Bandar punch and Chaukhamba Massif peaks. From the location, you find a stunning view of Himalayan Mountains.

If you are looking to host a trip on your occasion days, you have to choose best travel agents to see new tourist spots.

Parks and Sanctuaries around Bangalore

Karnataka is a state in southern India filled with all sorts of natural sights and views. There are the Western Ghats on one side and the Eastern Ghats and the Nilgiri ranges on the other. This means that the state is flanked by a number of mountains and hills, which makes the life in the valley below, one of the most vibrant ones. Karnataka is home to many cities and towns, some of which are some of the fastest growing cities in the world. It is hard to find wildlife in these cities, with most of the animal life being that of domesticated animals. Certain parks and lakes have migratory visitors, but animals of the jungle are rare.
Step a few kilometres outside the city and the story is completely different. The many forests in and around the cities are teeming with life. Some of them are indigenous to the region and there are a host of endangered species who call the forests of Karnataka their home. This has allowed the government to step in and claim the land as a national park, or wildlife reserve or a bird sanctuary.  Visiting these sites can help one come in touch with nature and life, it can also help one grasp how humans have affected the life around these parts over the course of history. Some of these places are:
Bannerghatta National Park: This is a site located a mere 22kms away from the hustling and bustling city of Bangalore. It is a home to many species of flora and fauna and is spread over a massive area of a 104.27 sqkm. The area is so big that the park itself has many attractions inside, which includes a butterfly park, a snake park, museums and so much more. One can find a great variety of animals in the area, including the famous Royal Bengal Tiger. This is a delight for photographers and videographers. Witnessing one of these animals out in the open can be a life-changing experience.
Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary: This sanctuary is spread over 67 sqkm and features some exotic and rare birds which come in and around the sanctuary every year. It is the most visited bird sanctuary in the country, with over 300000 visitors annually. It is 128 kilometres away from Bangalore but can be easily reached by car in a few short hours. There are over 170 species of birds in the area and the numbers can grow to be as large as 40000. There are seasons as many of these birds are migratory in nature and only come for certain time periods. The most species are seen during the months of November to June.
These two sanctuaries are some of the ones which are very popular; there are other sites which have a lot to offer. Getting to these places from anywhere in India is relatively easy. One can check the Delhi Bangalore flights schedule and book a flight anytime. Coming during the right season can help enrich one’s experience and spot more animals and birds.  

5 Most Visited Religious Destinations Of Kerala

Kerala is a small yet most visited state of the country India and this is because of the exceptional beauty of the land. This state is not just gifted with an alluring nature ambiance, but there are several ancient temples which owe a great importance and thousands of devotees visit the temple in the God’s own land every day.

So one needs to make some time to visit the ancient temples in the state Kerala and gain a delightful experience of the holiday.

1. Thirunelli Temple

One of the ancient temples in the outstanding destination Kerala is the Thirunelli temple located in the Wayanad district. This is a very mesmerizing location which is even nicknamed as the Kasi of the Southern part of India and is dedicated to lord Vishnu. The architecture of the temple is another appealing attraction and one can see rare paintings, sculptures, carving and many more in the temple complex. This sacred place is visited by thousands of devotes every year and the whole region turns very attractive during the auspicious days.

2. Vadakkunathan Temple

This temple is located in the temple town of Kerala Thrissur. The specialty of this temple is that it delivers a pleasant message that the almighty is same and there is no difference between Lord Shiva and Vishnu. There is a shrine Shankaranarayana in the temple which stands as a special attraction. The temple turns much more opulent during the time of the festival Thrissur Pooram. There is a shrine of Rama, Shiva and a temple of Devi in the complex, which are to be seen during the holiday.

3. Sabarimala Temple

Located in the Shayadri ranges this is one of the popular temples of Kerala dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. Sabarimala is a sacred temple and people visit this temple in the month of January after following the strict Deeksha or Mandal puja of 41 days. Everyone cannot enter the temple and one needs to follow a few rules to reach the 18 holy steps which are before the deity. This is one of the notable temples in the southern part of India, which is mostly visited by devotees during the day of Makar Sankranti a Hindu festival. 

4. Guruvayoor Temple

Dedicated to the Lord Krishna this temple in Guruvayur is very holy to all the Keralites. This is an ancient temple which reflects the heritage and this opulent temple turns much more catchy during the day Ekadasi. Thousands of devotees visit the temple to see special ceremonies on a particular day and especially during the auspicious months. The deity is decorated with a Tulasi garland and the temple owes a vibrant ambiance. The architecture of the temples is a special feature and this was constructed in such a manner that the sun ray touches the feet of the idol in the summer. This is one of the most visited temples of not just the state of Kerala, but the most wonderful south Indian temple.

5. Padmanabha Swamy Temple

A great religious place in Kerala is the Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple, which is known for its amazing architecture. The construction style of the temples amazes every individual; especially the gopuram in Dravidian style mesmerizes travelers. The temple and the beauty of the carvings along with the idol of Lord Vishnu are worth of visiting once in a lifetime. Not just the construction style and the idol, but the whole temple is a masterpiece loaded with remarkable structures that grabs the attention of every traveler.

You can get several India Tour Packages to visit above noted temples of Kerala and one can visit several other amazing temples with appealing art and architecture in and around the state.

Indian Railways Train Classes

Indian Railways comprises of several classes which many people are unfamiliar with. To understand all the categories better, we have put up an explanation for what to expect in every class available in the Indian Railways.
Unreserved General Class
This class is meant for people who cannot afford to spend too much in buying a ticket, as well as those who were not lucky to secure a confirmed ticket in the sleeper class. Reservations are not necessary and overcrowding is quite a normal phenomenon in the coaches. Standing and sitting room is available, but many choose to use the floor space to lie down as well. The unreserved class is not ideal for long distance traveling.
Second Class
You will need seat reservations for the Second Class category. This class is ideal for daytime intercity travel without investing a lot of money. The seats do not recline but are cushioned in a bench-style fashion. The Sleeping facility is not available here. Though reservations are necessary, many can be seen traveling without a ticket.
Sleeper Class
Sleeper class is ideal for the middle-class community. Use railway apps to check live running status after you have made your seat reservations. Carriages have open-plan compartments containing six beds. Middle beds can be folded flat in order to allow every passenger to sit comfortably. Two more beds are placed along the aisle. Washrooms are of both Indian and Western styles.
Three Tier AC Class
This class is also called 3AC and is preferred for the comfort and peace it provides. The arrangement is similar to that of a sleeper class. But, the windows are tinted and cannot be opened. Passengers are provided with towels, pillows, sheets, and blankets. If pantry service is available, meals are also provided at specified timings.
Two Tier AC Class
Upper-class travelers prefer the Two Tier AC Class. It has more space as there are four beds instead of six in every compartment. Similar to the other classes, two beds are also present along the aisle. Towels and bedding materials are provided to every passenger, as in case of 3AC. Curtains are present to provide privacy to the travelers.
First Class AC
The cost of this class is twice the amount of 2AC and is similar to air travel. Compartments have lockable doors, containing four or two beds. The beds are also wider as compared to other classes. Room freshener, towels, blankets, pillows, and sheets are all provided to every passenger.
Other than these classes, there are several other classes in chair cars. We are going to discuss them in brief.
  • Executive AC Chair Car: These are super-fast and run only between major cities, like Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi.
  • AC Chair Car: These are meant for shorter distances between several major cities. The carriages are little more crowded than the Executive Class. 
  • Second Class – Jan Shatabdi: This is a budget train. It includes non-AC and AC coaches.
Now that you know the different classes available in Indian railways, carefully evaluate your finances and comfort requirements and make reservations accordingly.

5 Tips That You Should Keep in Mind When Traveling around Southeast Asia

There are too many tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. From its lush rainforests and white sand beaches to its historical landmarks, it’s no wonder that many tourists flock to this region to satisfy their wanderlust. Plus, when you’re in Southeast Asia, you’d got to experience its vibrant culture and hospitable people.

Are you eager now to stroll around this wonderful region? Well, I can feel your excitement, but it will do you good if you’d know these tips for you to have a safe and fun journey. So take your time and read!

Look Out for Weather Updates

Wherever is the destination of your travel journey, it’s advisable that you look for weather updates of the place you’re traveling for your safety and convenience. Most countries in Southeast Asia have a hot and humid climate, but there are seasons when monsoon typhoons hit these places.

When it’s monsoon months, tourists don't typically travel to Southeast Asia because rains and winds during this season are so nasty that you won’t enjoy your travel that much. As such, keeping yourself up with the weather news about the place is a must. You can also check the website of the country to look for the best time of the year for traveling.

Plan Your Budget Wisely

If there’s one important thing that you should prioritize in your travel, it’s your budget. It’s advisable that you should consider your budget and have a plan for it based on the country you’re visiting and how you would like to experience the place. Ask yourself if you have to make your travel luxurious or simple.

If you want to make your travel experience sample, there are hotel accommodations in Southeast Asia that will suit your budget. You can also find a lot of affordable food in many countries in Southeast Asia that will satisfy your taste palate.

Think about Camping Out

If you’re tight on your budget and you want to make the most of your money, you can consider camping out. There are a lot of wonderful places in Southeast Asia that are ideal for that purpose. Also, you can have a one-of-a-kind experience when you camp out.

If you think Southeast Asia is a beautiful place during the day, then you have to see it during the night. There are a lot of camp bases in Southeast Asia that you can take refuge. You can look for fellow travelers, especially backpackers, in the place for you to have companions in staying outdoors.

Another tip: make sure that you keep your safety on top of your priority when you’re going to camp out.

Learn about the Rich Culture of the Place You’re Visiting

Southeast Asia is home to rich and vibrant cultures. You can find in this region various indigenous communities with their vibrant history and arts. If you miss this part of Southeast Asia, you’ll not complete your travel experience in the place.

You can travel to countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and the Philippines to experience Southeast Asia’s vibrant culture.

Travel Light

When traveling, it’s important to keep in mind that you pack light. Just bring your essential travel things so that you’ll not burden yourself with too many things on your journey. Pack things like your jeans, underwear, swim shorts, T-shirts, and a pair of sunglasses.

It’s also important that you have an excellent backpack to store these things. You can look for travel backpacks in sites like Deal Wiki.


Southeast Asia has a lot to offer for a traveler. Number one of these things are the top tourist attractions that will surely make your travel experience extra-special. There's also the vibrant Southeast Asian culture and its people.

But, before you embark on your journey to this beautiful region, it’s essential that you equip yourself with the travel tips above to make your travel safe and fun.

Enjoy Your Holiday with a Great Ocean Road Tour

One of the most famous and the most hunted after tourist destinations in Melbourne occurs to be the Great Ocean Road Tour. If you are new to Melbourne and desire to travel around the wonderful beauty of the rich coastal side of Melbourne, then take the Great Ocean Road Day Tours.

You will be excited by the superb rock formations, beautiful beaches and rocky terrain the entire along your tour. The Great Ocean Tour in Melbourne, walks on its way the globe's most good-looking beaches, where you will get to rest your feet in cold sands of the famous Bells Beach.

You can even travel around the world of the neighboring Koalas in their actual wilderness amidst the scented Eucalyptus trees, or can take a 'guided tour' of the striking Otways Rain Forest, with the company of superbly colorful parrots. Your child is sure to go wild when they will get an opportunity to feed some of the parrots with their preferred food too.

Your holiday with a Melbourne great ocean road tour will start early since, there is so much to see and do. The Great Ocean Road in Melbourne is a stunning stretch of coastal road that delivers a host of good-looking and natural landmarks.

Positioned along the south eastern coast of Australia, the Great Ocean Road was made by hand over the way of 16 years by servicemen, as a memorial to those who died throughout the First World War.
The Great Ocean Road is the biggest war memorial on the planet and is touted as one of the most famous road trips for tourist from the entire over the world. Taking the best great ocean road tour is one of the top methods to see all that The Great Ocean Road has to deliver up close and personal.

Some of the tourist attractions of the trip comprise visiting the twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge, both of which are positioned in The Port Campbell National Park, next to the Great Ocean Road.

Wandering further along you come to Apollo Bay, the heart of the Great Ocean Road area, placed at the foothills of the Otways, delivering clear, peaceful beaches and harbor, where water game abounds. Yet the raging sea is never far away, for those seeking to surf.

Just, inland from Apollo Bay, stop and take a walk in the rain jungle of the Otway Ranges, where you will be capable to see some of the high eucalyptus trees in Australia. This rainforest flourishes with ancient and lush plant life, good-looking waterfall and animals.

Tips for Transportation from Ninh Binh to Halong Bay

According to a lot of international travelers, Tam Coc in Ninh Binh and Halong Bay are 2 most beautiful destinations that highly recommended by the top-ranking tour packages Vietnam Excursions. Actually, Tam Coc and Halong Bay are quite similar as they both contain a priceless enormous karst system dating back to millions of years ago. However, the limestone islets in Halong Bay are on the sea and Tam Coc's ones can be found on land which surrounded by different scenery. So how to move around these 2 charming destinations? Read our post to find our:

The breathtaking landscape in Halong Bay

Tam Coc, Ninh Binh - the so-called "Halong Bay on land"
➤Check out Ninh Binh Tours now to discover the most magnificent scenery in Northern Vietnam!

Local Buses

One of the safest and most stable transportations to transfer between these 2 attractions should be the bus. However, there is not any bus that departs from Ninh Binh directly to Halong Bay. Therefore, all you need to do is to catch the local bus from the city center of Ninh Binh to My Dinh or Giap Bat bus station in Hanoi, where you can easily catch the one to Quang Ninh province and Halong City. What is more, it may take 30 minutes to 1 hour in the Bus stations in Hanoi cause you will have to find the right vehicles.

Private Cars

A bit more expensive than local buses, you can easily ask the hotel receptionists in Ninh Binh to arrange a private car for you. It is much more convenient and comfortable because the departure time and all the stopovers are all up to you. It is much better if you are in groups, because the price for the private cars will be divided into the number of passengers. It will take you around 6.5 hours to reach the stunning area of Halong Bay, so prepare your headphones, snacks, and a full-battery cellphone.


For those who are already familiar with the traffic and roads in Vietnam, motorbike will be also a great idea. Although a motorbike trip really depends on the weather, external conditions and especially your health, it guarantees you the opportunity to not only contemplate the beautiful scenery in the outskirt of cities. The trip may take the whole day (about 7-8 hours) to transfer including the time for meals, so make sure you get up early. During the trip, you can feel free to stop at anywhere for stretching your legs and taking photographs, admire the immense lush rice paddies, rustic villages as well as tranquil rivers of Northern Vietnam’s countryside.

However, as a foreigner travelling in a strange country, you have to be always careful of everything you meet on the road. The traffic polices in some provinces in Northern Vietnam, especially Hai Duong, are not really friendly, even with Vietnamese people. Don’t sleep on your helmet, the motorbike’s blue cards, Vietnamese travelling insurance (please ask the motorbike owner) as well as your international license (if available). To avoid accidental scams and problems, you should always lock and park your bike in publicly crowded spots, always ask for the prices before purchasing anything on the road and even bargain until you meet a good price.


Another fast and unique way to transfer from Ninh Binh to Halong is to take the Seaplane, which departs from Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi. All you need is to book the Hai Au Aviation on its offical website: or contact your hotels in Ninh Binh for the tickets, then, you need to catch a local bus or private car arranged by the hotels to the airport. There, you will be easily accessible to the seaplane. At an affordable price (from $175), you will only have to waste 45 minutes on Hai Au Aviation from Halong straight to Halong Bay in stead of 4.5 hours driving. Furthermore, the seaplane will surely offer you an once-in-a-life-time opportunity to contemplate the stunning landscape of Northern Vietnam at an elevation of 150m, including many beautiful attractions such as: Red River Delta, Co Loa Ancient Citadel, the bustling port city - Hai Phong and of course the World’s Wonder: Halong Bay. 

Indeed, it is sure amazing to admire an enormous million-year limestone area of Halong Bay, tiny Halong river cruises and the emerald water on Seaplane, when you will easily recognize that all the professional services and experiences Hai Au Aviation will offer are more than what you paid for.

After reading our post, we hope you've chosen for yourself an ideal vehicle to reach Halong Bay. Once setting foot in Halong Bay, all you need to do is book one of Halong Bay Cruises and enjoy to the fullest!