Indian Railways Train Classes

Indian Railways comprises of several classes which many people are unfamiliar with. To understand all the categories better, we have put up an explanation for what to expect in every class available in the Indian Railways.
Unreserved General Class
This class is meant for people who cannot afford to spend too much in buying a ticket, as well as those who were not lucky to secure a confirmed ticket in the sleeper class. Reservations are not necessary and overcrowding is quite a normal phenomenon in the coaches. Standing and sitting room is available, but many choose to use the floor space to lie down as well. The unreserved class is not ideal for long distance traveling.
Second Class
You will need seat reservations for the Second Class category. This class is ideal for daytime intercity travel without investing a lot of money. The seats do not recline but are cushioned in a bench-style fashion. The Sleeping facility is not available here. Though reservations are necessary, many can be seen traveling without a ticket.
Sleeper Class
Sleeper class is ideal for the middle-class community. Use railway apps to check live running status after you have made your seat reservations. Carriages have open-plan compartments containing six beds. Middle beds can be folded flat in order to allow every passenger to sit comfortably. Two more beds are placed along the aisle. Washrooms are of both Indian and Western styles.
Three Tier AC Class
This class is also called 3AC and is preferred for the comfort and peace it provides. The arrangement is similar to that of a sleeper class. But, the windows are tinted and cannot be opened. Passengers are provided with towels, pillows, sheets, and blankets. If pantry service is available, meals are also provided at specified timings.
Two Tier AC Class
Upper-class travelers prefer the Two Tier AC Class. It has more space as there are four beds instead of six in every compartment. Similar to the other classes, two beds are also present along the aisle. Towels and bedding materials are provided to every passenger, as in case of 3AC. Curtains are present to provide privacy to the travelers.
First Class AC
The cost of this class is twice the amount of 2AC and is similar to air travel. Compartments have lockable doors, containing four or two beds. The beds are also wider as compared to other classes. Room freshener, towels, blankets, pillows, and sheets are all provided to every passenger.
Other than these classes, there are several other classes in chair cars. We are going to discuss them in brief.
  • Executive AC Chair Car: These are super-fast and run only between major cities, like Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi.
  • AC Chair Car: These are meant for shorter distances between several major cities. The carriages are little more crowded than the Executive Class. 
  • Second Class – Jan Shatabdi: This is a budget train. It includes non-AC and AC coaches.
Now that you know the different classes available in Indian railways, carefully evaluate your finances and comfort requirements and make reservations accordingly.


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