Six Reasons to Visit Vietnam with the Family

Are you looking for an active family getaway that is culturally interesting but also offers ample time for relaxation and idling on a beach? Here are six reasons to pack the family up and head to Vietnam.
Cultural Diversity
There is so much to explore in Vietnam, from Halong Bay to Hanoi, Nihn Bihn, and Hoi An. You may also want to travel on towards Laos and Cambodia. Be sure to hang out with the locals and get to know the real Vietnam and their diverse and fascinating culture.

Perfect for Active Families
Vietnam family holidays are all about adventure. You can experience biking through tiny rural villages and rice fields, hiking in caves, kayaking along rivers, riding a water buffalo, and try your hand at net fishing in floating baskets.
Vietnam Is a Paradise for Foodies
Vietnam is a haven for food lovers, from the nicest hotels to simple noodle shops and fine restaurants, you’ll find something for every family member’s taste buds, whether eccentric or basic. The Vietnamese are welcoming, warm and engaging, and they embrace children, often delighting in teaching them about the country.
Hands-On Educational Experiences
If your aim is to create a family trip with a range of activities to keep a variety of ages engaged and moving, a well-thought out itinerary that is tailored to each family member’s interests is possible.  Besides all the fun physical activities, be sure to schedule visits to markets, take a cooking class or two, meet with war veterans and monks, visit a bomb shelter, tour a floating village, and take a stunning photography walk through a fish market. To diversify, make sure you experience the different types of transportation, including oxcarts, planes, and boats.
Lessons You Will Never Forget
One of the most important parts of a trip to Vietnam is likely to be how open your children’s minds will become. Vietnam is the perfect location for expanding their exposure and learning lifelong lessons like simplicity, resilience, and empathy.
Geographically Sensational
The image of lotus flowers blooming among the rice fields, the sun rising over a bay, and white sandy beaches are sure to stay with you forever.
4 Lessons You Will Learn as a Family in Vietnam
  1. Hunger – Vietnam will teach your children that hunger really exists and people will eat whatever they have to when they are starving.
  2. Empathy – with firsthand exposure to so many different things, you will learn so much about another culture and are sure to become less judgmental and more empathetic.
  3. Freedom – Vietnam teaches you that freedom should never be taken for granted, especially when it comes to education and career decisions.
  4. Simplicity – sometimes, the most beautiful things are the simplest. Kids will get to learn how few material things they really need while being lucky enough to explore one of the most sensational countries on our planet.
A family trip to Vietnam is sure to be an eye-opening, adventurous trip that no family will forget in a hurry.

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