MTDC-based Tadoba Accommodation Promises For an Exciting Weekend Trip Exa

Exams are almost over. Before the start of a new session, how about planning for a short trip? It can be a wonderful experience to visit the jungles of Tadoba when the climate is subtle. The dense forests are surrounded by a beautiful landscape that makes the stay extremely pleasant.

Where Is Tadoba?

Tadoba is a national park and a tiger reserve located in the central part of India, in the state of Maharashtra. From Nagpur, it takes approximately 90 km to reach the Mohurli Gate of the Tadoba National Park. Most of the luxurious accommodation options are located in this part of the land. Tadoba falls under the Chandrapur District. The village of Chandrapur has located 28 km from the exact location of the Tadoba National Park Main Gate.

Tadoba is renowned for its rich flora and fauna. More importantly, it is one of the better tiger reserves of the country. Wildlife travelers would be having a great time touring this part of India.

The Hotel Facilities

The Tadoba hotels are available in few numbers. Earlier, there used to be a couple of accommodation options close to the national park. However, with the passing of days; many more hotels, lodges and tents have opened. The MTDC government accommodation options are the cheapest of all. They also come, with all the modern amenities and the best-in-class facilities, at the cheapest rates. There are attached restaurants available for the guests to enjoy several mouth-watering cuisines.

The Safari Tours and Jungle Trails

If you are staying in an MTDC hotel, it would be easier to book for the safari tours. The jungle trails and tiger safari tours are conducted by MTDC on a regular basis. You simply need to approach the hotel authorities regarding the options available. They will make you aware of the rates and the safari timings, and other options. Accordingly, you can make the booking. Since you are staying at the MTDC hotel, special discounts would be available on the safari rates. The safari trips are conducted by the experienced forest officers and guides. The transparent covered jeeps are used for the jungle tours. While on the safari and jungle trail, never move a leg, without the instruction of the tour guide. There can be dangers lying in every corner of the dense woods.

A weekend trip to Tadoba can really be a mind-refresher. Tadoba is not just about witnessing the wild species or enjoying the local cuisines. The national park has areas of scenic excellence. The Tadobalake is a beautiful place to spend some quality time. It is said that nearly 200 different bird species can be found in this area of the reserve. Another point of interest during your stay at Tadoba is the Erai Dam. The dam is 1620 m in length. Also, you can pay a visit to the nearby village of Mohurli. You can find beautifully handcrafted items to shop for your near and dear ones.

Author Bio: Bill Williams is a wildlife blogger. He is researching on the Tadoba hotels and other quality accommodation facilities available in the nearby areas.

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