Ramree Island - 'The House of the Crocodile'

Ramree – the Death Island - House of crocodiles, is an interesting and fascinating Myanmar tourist destination for visitors to Myanmar. Let’s come and explore this tourist destination with us.

When touring Myanmar, if you mention the Ramree name to the natives, you will find a bit of anxiousness on their faces. In the past, the island of Ramreewas known as Death Island because it is home to thousands of crocodiles.

Special island

The " swamp killer" has become an obsession for all those who intend to set foot on this "fierce" land by a true story associated with this cold-blooded animal, which makes the death island of Ramree become a haunting obsession.

In 1945, after the war between the British and Japanese forces, nearly 1,000 Japanese troops had retreated to the swamps surrounding the island, encountering the giant saltwater crocodile in the area and only about 20 survived. The Guinness Book of Records notes that this is the "Greatest Animal Disasters".

So, with so many crocodiles, the Ramree death Island is one of the most dangerous islands in the world, even with adventurous travelers, once they hear the name of the island, all feel "shivering" and "hair-raising".

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