Top 5 Best Resorts in Bali

Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay

The Four Seasons resort, built on the volcanic island of Jimbaran Bay on Bali, boldly captures Bali's traditional culture. Four Seasons allows visitors to “escape” in the heart of a tropical paradise with steep beaches and cliffs. In addition, the villas are spaciously designed with their own private pool and outdoor faucets, just a few meters from the beach, enough to make guests feel comfortable.

Hanging Gardens Ubud

The resort is nestled in the valley of the Ayung River Valley, 38 luxurious villas of the Ubud Hanging Gardens offer guests a relaxed, secluded setting, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In particular, Hanging Gardens Ubud is also famous for owning one of the most impressive infinity pools in the world.

Karma Kandara Uluwatu

If you've always wished for a beautiful photo shoot at a cliff-top resort, Karma Kandara should be your top choice. Climbing along the cliffs at an altitude of 140m overlooking the sea, architectural fans will not be surprised by the design of the resort, with its well-illuminated interiors and infinity pools overlooking Indian Ocean. 

The Mulia Bali

Among the numerous high end resorts in Bali, The Mulia Bali occupies the sentiments of those who put the criteria of the pool first. The pool in Mulia is voted by many visitors as the most beautiful island in Bali, with the highlight of the pool is along the walkway and the two sides of the lake, they built many tall statues modeling the slim, simple and beautiful little girls of Indonesia.

In addition, the resort also owns the Greek-style architecture, the items of The Mulia Bali are built simulated large houses, simple cubes, white paint stand out on the blue background like in the Mediterranean.

Ametis Villa

Ametis Villa is characterized by a combination of modern amenities and traditional Balinese elements, making it a special resort. The 14 guestrooms at Ametis Villa provide all the essential amenities needed for the traveler. This luxury resort has all the facilities you expect. Facilities in addition to luxurious rooms also include classy massage services, a spa and a private beach.

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