Exploring The Stunning Ly Son Island at The Weekend

Spreading across the area of 10 square kilometers, 25 kilometers from the mainland, about an hour of traveling by boat from Sa Ky Port (Quang Ngai Province), the magnificent Ly Son Island is definitely an ideal destination for young guys who are engaged in traveling and those who love spending the weekend with their family.

Ly Son was originally separated from Binh Son district to be an independent Ly Son Island District. Ly Son Island consists of two Islets, namely is Lon (Big) Islet and Be (Small) Islet that are named after their sizes. 

Visiting this charming island, tourists definitely stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and set aside all worries and concerns in life to indulge themselves into the pristine blue sea water, pick up the fresh sea breezes, saunter along the smooth sandy beach, and enjoy fresh seafood. Thus, give the island a try, you surely have unforgettable experiences after that. The ideal time to travel the island is from June to September when the sea is calm and the weather is sunny. 

The itinerary for the weekend vacation to Ly Son Island:

- Day 1:

+ 7 a.m: After having breakfast at Sa Ky, you get on a boat to the destination. It might take you an hour and a half to get there. The ticket is priced at 5$ per person.

+ 9 a.m: The boat docked at Ly Son Island, then you just need to walk to the harbor. There are a lot of guest houses right at the center of the island. These guesthouses provide air – conditioner, warm water, and priced at 250,000 VND / night (12 $).

+ 9:30 a.m: Hiring a motorbike at the guest house for 7$ / day to explore the island. You might travel around the island to get familiar with the terrain.

+ 10 a.m: Immersing yourself in the pure blue sea water and engaging in coral diving to explore the colorful coral reefs at Hang Cau. Additionally, you might also hire a round boat to admire the coral with only 3$ per person. 

+ 12 p.m: Take a shower with fresh water, then have lunch. You might full your stomach at restaurants right at the center of the island at an affordable price. Bear in mind, choose those that are clean and crowded with local residents.You definitely satisfy your “thirst” with coconut juice priced at only 20,000 VND / coconut.

+ 12: 45 p.m: Having a nap at the guest house.

+ 2 p.m: Visiting Hang pagoda, Water reservoir, Thoi Loi Mountain, Lighthouse, and Mu Cu island by motorbike.

+ 5 p.m: Back to the guest house to take a bath and take a short rest.

+ 6 p.m: Having dinner at the center of the island. You might treat yourself tasteful and fragrant grilled seafood such as lobster, squid, octopus, etc priced at only 500,000 VND / meal / per two people. Sound amazing!

+ 8 p.m: Sauntering along the beach to listen to the melodious song of the waves kissing the shore, pick up the fresh breezes blowing from the sea, and more importantly, fresh your mind.

- Day 2:

+ 5 a.m: Waking up in the early to watch the stunning sunrise at Mu Cu Island.

+ 7 a.m: Enjoying sour crab noodle soup and fish balls with only 20,000 VND / bowl.

+ 8 a.m: Boarding the boat to Be (Small) Island. It might take you 10 minutes to travel from Lon (Big) Island to Be (Small) Island. Visiting the island, you definitely indulge yourself into the smooth sandy beach and the charming scenery. 

+ 11 a.m: Getting on a boat back to Big island. You may explore the local market to buy garlics and fresh seafood as souvenirs for family and friends.

+ 12 p.m: Doing check  - out process, having lunch and then going to the beach.

+ 1:30 p.m: Arriving at the dock to come back to the mainland. 

+ 3 p.m: The boat docks at Sa Ky port (Quang Ngai). Back to your home and “completing” the journey of Ly Son Island exploration.

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