The Most Stunning Trekking Route Ta Nang – Phan Dung in Vietnam

Stretching s across an area of 60 kilometers through 3 provinces namely Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan, and Binh Thuan, The exhilarating route of Ta Nang - Phan Dung seizes the title of the most beautiful trekking route in Vietnam. Furthermore, it is considered the tough but the rewarding journey to trekkers.  It might be the reason why all pack backers have desire of “conquering” this route. However, to make this dream comes true, you must have a good health, good mate, and strong mentality.

Our journey to Vietnam's most forest trekking lasts three days and two nights, beginning at Duc Trong (Lam Dong) and walking down to Phan Thiet. Our very first impression of this trekking route is the “toughness” that the posts on Internet merely mention rough mountain roads stretching over a few kilometers.

Our journey begins with jungle crossing, mountain climbing, and stream passing. We had to climb up and down slopes of 1,100  meters high. It was really valuable and memorable experience to us. You might engage in this amazing activity to find out your endurance and explore the charming nature. 

We did make detailed schedule for the 3-day-2-night journey.  In the evening of the first day, we caught a coach from Ho Chi Minh City to Duc Trong and stop at the three – way intersection into Ta Nang. We all got there at around 3 a.m, then, took a short rest and had breakfast at the nearby stir fried noodle restaurant. 

At  a.m, we asked the motorbike driver to take us to the rose house located at the entrance of the forest.  The charge is 250,000 VND (12$) / turn/ 2 people. You should not travel by car because of rough roads, so you will have to stop far from the forest entrance. On the way of reaching the destination, you go through several markets and grocery stores, so you can buy noodles, drinking water, milk, mini gas, etc. 

At 9 a.m, we got to the entrance of the forest. After gathering, we prepare the foods and drinks that are essential to the journey. Generally, we have to carry a backpack of about 15 kg weighs. At the beginning of the trekking, we went through many low pine forests in which you definitely feel free to grasp nice check – in pictures to enrich your trip. Then, we climbed up to high slopes that costed us a lot of energy and effort at the same time. At noon, we had lunch with bread with canned fish and pate, then take a short break to continue the journey. 

In the evening, we camped and grilled chickens that we did prepare for dinner.  It was not rainy that night but the temperature drops fast, so you need bring raincoats and warm clothes with you. Occasionally, we met some local residents cutting firewood and forest guard keeper patrolling. The point was that they were very nice to us. They showed us the shorter route and advised us to come back to save time. 

We woke up in the early morning of the next day to watch the striking sunrise, have breakfast, and continue the coming journey. Bear in mind, you should save water for the next stages unless you might face up to a big trouble. As what the forest watchers did tell us last night, we came back to Phan Dung three – way intersection (Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province). At noon, we met another group who showed us the way to the house of Sister Ot to get to the entrance of the forest.

At that time, we didn’t have water anymore while we might trek further 8 kilometers to reach the stream. Honestly, we were all exhausted and quite frustrated. At 4 p.m, we finally got to the streams for drinking water, bathing, etc. There, we met a scout group of students who did not find the way back, so they decided to set up the tent for camp. Actually, that place is a beautiful spot for camping but you should stay away from the edge of the stream to avoid being lost when it gets dark. 

When the night was coming, we prepared coffee and tea, sitting together, talking, and resting.

In the morning of the third day, we got up early, had noodle for breakfast, then, tidy up the camp. At that time, both groups decided to trek together to reach the exist of the forest.

At the entrance of the forest, you will see the house sister Ot that serve two ‘specialties” namely energy drink and noodles. After resting for a while, we hired a 16-seat coach to return Ho Chi Minh City. At 9 a.m, we were available at the city and completed our 3 – day – 2 – night trekking journey at the most beautiful trekking route in Vietnam.

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