Top 3 Yangon’s Must - See Ancient Pagodas

Taking a trip to Myanmar, nothing can prevent you from being attracted by the metropolis of Yangon which is the without-a-doubt grandest architectural and cultural monuments of this nation. This city is even like the Burmese treasure that is appropriate for travelers who has never stopped exploring Buddhist culture and visiting religious pagodas.Hence, tours in Yangon, especially journeys to following TOP 3 Yangon’s ancient pagodas certainly do not make you disappointed.

1, Shwedagon Pagoda (ShwedagonPaya)

In fact, the Shwedagon pagoda’s legend is associated with containing relics of the four previous Buddhas of the present kalpa including the Kakusandha’s staff, the Koṇāgamana’s water filter, a small part of the Kassapa’s robe, eight hair strands from the Gautama’s head as well.

In terms of the architecture, Shwedagon Pagoda was perfectly designed as one of the greatest wonders in the religious world. From the height of 8.2 meters, this pagoda has been built gradually to 110 meters over the course of thousandsof years. With an ideal height like that, this scared land tends to be observed from everywhere in Yangon. Although any details in the stupa’s top is extremely difficult for ordinary human eyes to discern, its charming light has never been faded. In a little more detail, itis exactly a wonderful ordination of 5448 diamonds, 2317 rubies, sapphires,costly gems and 1065 golden bells.

Whether you have a long holiday or not, do not forget visiting the 2500-years-old Shwedagon Pagoda which is an indispensable landscape of Myanmar tourism.

2, Kyaik khau pagoda

Another spiritual destination that you should not skip is Kyaikkhau pagoda. In Yangon metropolis, the town where the golden pagoda located is Thailyn where the currents of the Bago and Yangon river meet. Being influenced the unique architectural style of Shwedagon pagoda, it also has existed for more than 2000 years which serves as the holy land of Buddhist believers in Burma and across the globe. Annually, the large number of people often visit this pagoda to pray for myriad things of lucky and happiness. 

Furthermore, Kyaik khauk Pagoda, every year, has its own traditional festival which is held in February offering numerous local products such as the attires, food and pottery. Apart from these items, diverse activities are also taken place in this festival overlapping with the surprising evening shows for entertainment. Specifically, this occasion is also a good chance for you to take photos of your family members or best friends with Myanmar photography tour.

3, Sule Pagoda

As a modestly small pagoda located on the downtown of Yangon, Sule Pagoda has its own power to make this city become more charming and perfect. Looking down from a high place, you can see that the surroundings of this Buddha pagoda are streets in which remain the bustle, a small local market and colonial buildings such as the Supreme court building and Yangon City Hall.

According to legend, the pagoda has witnessed most of events happened throughout Myanmar’s history due to being builtin the lifetime of the Gautama Buddha, for 2500 years. After being renovated and enlarged for several times by King dynasties, especially in the 15th century, the small Sule pagoda of the past reached the current dimension.

Situated in Yangon center about halfway between the central railway station and the Yangon river, Sule Pagoda can be easily reached by taxi or many other kinds of public transportation. This worthy destination is waiting for you to visit, let's quickly start your trip by requiring the driver to take you to the center of a roundabout on the junction of Maha Bandula road and Sule road.

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