Saigon, the City that Never Sleeps

In the perceptions of Vietnamese people, Saigon is a young and developing city, the driving force of the economy. Not possessing many historical heritage sites like Hanoi but Saigon still leave a deep impression on visitors by its non-stop way of living, especially after midnight. This is not a great place for those who enjoy a peaceful and quiet life. When the sun disappears below the skyscraper-packed skyline of District 1 and the bright street lights are lit up, Saigon has a brand new face.
After a hard working day, the people of the city are ready for the night life. Saigon suddenly turns into a friendly and lovable place for both Vietnamese people and foreigners. In here, everybody is welcomed. They all want to put all the burdens of life aside to immerse themselves in a captivating Saigon.

The picture of the city at night is dazzling and vivid. The iconic Ben Thanh Market is put into rest after a hectic day full of buyers and sellers. The old Notre Dame Cathedral see thousands of cars and motorbikes passing by in front of it. In the abundant cafes of the city center, people enjoying their cup of coffee while watching the bustling streets. Saigon now is the perfect rendezvous for the couples. They’re sharing stories on motorbikes. Hand in hand, they walk slowly in Tao Dan Park or along the tree-lined streets. At night, the city is also where friends and families gather in the street cafes or restaurants to relax and have some good time after work.

The foreigners can enjoy themselves in this vibrant ambiance. They enjoy taking photos of the city’s famous landmarks, looking for some souvenirs or lovely souvenirs or just want to wander aimlessly along the corners of Saigon.
The night is still young even when the clock on the top of Ben Thanh Market strikes 12 o’clock. This is perhaps the difference between Saigon and Hanoi as well as any other urban areas in Vietnam. The young people spend the night at the bouncing bars and clubs. The busiest area of the city after midnight is unquestionably Bui Vien Street and the surrounding neighborhood. Here people can easily make new friends from all over the world. Saigon proves itself as the most cosmopolitan city in Vietnam.
On the other side of the city that never sleeps, you will also witness some people who working tirelessly at night to make a living. They are lottery sellers, shoe-polishing boys, old man in the food stalls or the women cleaning the streets. Some “anh xe om” (motorbike taxi driver) is sitting in a group of 5 to 7 to smoke a cigarette, take a nip of a “nau da” (Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk) while waiting for customers. A Saigon night is not the same without them.

If you have the chance to spend even just one full day at Saigon, experience the night life of this vibrant city. Anything will be new and unexpected and this city that sleeps will never go into oblivious.

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