8 Romantic Destinations in Vietnam for Couples

1. Moc Chau, Son La

Located 200 kilometers from Hanoi, Moc Chau is one of the most favored destinations for couples in the north of Vietnam. Moc Chau landscapes are beautiful during the year, especially in the winter with wonders of flower gardens such as yellow wild sunflower, yellow and white fireworks sparkle, heart- shaped tea plantation, and the pink peach blossom on the ethnic villages or on the slopes in Moc Chau.

It is really a perfect option for those who would like to have into-nature wedding photos or to enjoy romantic honeymoon in Vietnam.

2. Halong Bay, Quang Ninh

Being a tourist attraction in Quang Ninh province, Ha Long Bay, the Natural World Heritage Site, is a collection of over 1600 islands with an incredible beauty. Travel to Ha Long Bay, lovers can book overnight tours to enjoy the beauty of the exotic islands, gorgeous caves, to contemplate romantic sunset or to breathe the fresh air of dawn on the Bay.

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3. West Lake, Hanoi

Thanh Nien Street, beside West Lake, is known as one of the most romantic paradise for couples. Visitors can walk around Truc Bach Lake, ride duck boats on West Lake, or get in some restaurants in front of the lake, or simple side by side to enjoy the sunset.

In the evening, when cross Korean Street and Japanese Street, the two roads to the Tay Ho villas, lovers have chances to see colorful streets with the amazing charms on the other side of the lake. It is really special moments which visitors will never forget when in Hanoi.

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4. Lock Bridge in Da Nang

The Love Bridge stands next to Dragon Bridge, on Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District. This is also a tourist marina, so that visitors can come there without fee. The bridge was built 68 meters long, 6 meters wide toward the middle of Han River which allows tourists to admire the beauty of the river from there. Couples are also able to leaves some lock written their name in order to memorize their astonishing moments in Da Nang. In the evening, the lights hundreds of red heart- shaped lanterns reflect into the water make the region extremely romantic.

5. Starlight Bridge, Saigon

The Bridge is called Starlight Bridge because it is designed with LED projection lights staring back at the bridge that make it like a sky of thousands stars in the city. Furthermore, the changing light and the water injection systems on both sides of the bridge create brilliant images as in a romantic film. Walking on the bridge, visitors are able to feel like they are in the amazing galaxy or standing among thousands twinkle stars.  Starlight Bridge is the preferred destination of the lovers or the wedding couples to record lots of romantic images in their lifetime.

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6. Hoi An Ancient Town

Peaceful and silent ancient house, solitary streets, delicious food are the major charms of Hoi An to attract tourists. Come to Hoi An, couples will definitely have unforgettable experiences that there is no other place can bring. Moreover, it is possible to enjoy the blue water of astonishing beaches in the town including Cua Dai, An Bang. If being lucky to visit Hoi An in the middle of lunar month, couples have chances to refloat the flower garlands and give prayers for their eternal love or sightseeing shimmering streets.

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7. Mui Ne, Binh Thuan

Mui Ne, located 22 kilometers from northeast of the center of Phan Thiet province, is large and wonderful beach. It has become an attractive destination for a long time thanks to blue sea, wide desert sand dunes and vast towering coconut trees bending around the coast. These things make Mui Ne become one of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia.

Couples come to Mui Ne are possible to experience sand skating, watch the beautiful sunset or sunrise on the beach, participate in sports activities such as kite surfing, diving or sightseeing boating on the vast lotus flower lagoons in Bau Trang, Bau Sen.

Vietnam Beach Holiday

8. Da Lat

It is said that Da Lat is the love paradise in Vietnam. Quiet and dreaming landscapes in Da Lat is specially suit couples who are or about to fall in love. Even someone once is kidding that if you decided to confess in Da Lat, the probability of failure will be significantly reduced. The solitary and lonely beauty there would make anyone needs a warm hand to hold, or a shoulder to lean on in order to fill up their lonely hearts.

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