The vendors in Hanoi Mesmerize the Lady from Netherlands

Loes Heerink, a Dutch photographer waited for hours on the bridge to catch the moment when the vendors passing by. The special images will be present in the upcoming photo book of her.

Living in Hanoi in 4 years, Loes Heerink said, the vendors on the street gave her the inspiration to make a photo book right at the time she arrived in Vietnam.

The last image of a street vendor selling flowers was taken from the bridge by Loes two months before she came back to the Netherlands. Loes said while she was here, she spent a lot of time on the bridge to wait for the vendors passing underneath.

The reason for her to choose this corner is the photos would only have the image of the vendor – without any other factors. 

"I want people to see what I saw. I believe that these street vendors create pieces of artwork every day" she shared.

The photos were taken at various sites in the city by Loes, such as from the balcony of the restaurant in the old town, or from the bridge.

Sometimes she has to get up very early to wait for the vendors passing. Sometimes she took time for the break at noon or weekend to “hunt” the precious moments from the street vendors.

"Sometimes I have to wait in 5 hours without taking any photo," Loes shared.

Loes also took the time to talk to the sellers. They shared with her about their livelihood by selling fruit, vegetables and other things on the bike.

She is planning to return to Vietnam to continue another project of photo book about the vendors. Loes also set up the website Kickstarter to raise funds for the project. The photo book about the street vendors will include about 100 photos.

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