Top 4 Need-to-try Restaurants in Mandalay

Along with the developing process of globalization, the tourism industry’s emergence Mandalay over the last few years has significantly diversified the gastronomy. Of course, as a traveler of this classical-style city, there is no more exciting thing than aquiring experiences about new kinds of delicacy which are entirely dissimilar from your motherland’s ones.
To help you find the best places to kick off your Burma travel by trying delicious cuisines, followings are 4 beloved restaurants in Mandalay which will definitely satisfy you a lot.

Green Elephant

No. 3, block 801, 27th Street, Between 64th and 65th streets

After setting first foot steps in this golden city, you are surely suggested to come Green Elephant which is proudly listed as one of the most luxurious place in Mandalay for a traditional culinary experience. Set within an early 20th century colonial villa with a pastoral garden, it’s like an oasis removed from all of the surrounding streets' dust.

This restarant mainly serves its customers with a unique manu including traditional Burmese dishes like tealeaf salads, fine curries accompanied by soy paste, and moet-hin-kar fish soup as well as other foreign ones like Thai and Chinese delicacies.

 Super 81

No 582 81st Street, Between 38th and 39th Streets

Because of gaining insight into the authentic fact that Southern Chinese immigrants accounting for over a third of the Mandalay’s population, Super 81 has existed to satisfy for those who are a loyal fan of Chinese-influenced dishes.

In this restaurant you can sample a dozen variations of steamed duck alone or along with excellent squid and sea bass, pork in coconut curry and chicken simmered in a clay pot as well. Interestingly, all cuisines are served in generous portions. 

Lashio Lay

No. 65 23rd Street, Between 83rd and 84th Streets

Lashio Lay’s secret to attract customers is parallel with a professional style of buffet which offers an introduction to Shan cuisine through heaping portions and affordable prices. Apart from freshly eye-catching dishes, the way of display is also extremely tidy at the till, from which you can choose wish-to-try dishes by yourself.

There are usually 20 dishes recommended including shan tofu (chickpea-flour tofu fritters), wet tha chin (minced pork in rice) and papaya salad, with an emphasis throughout on sesame, peanut and garlic flavours.

Vegetarian Option: Marie Min

27th Street, Between 74th and 75th Streets

If you’re a strict vegetarian in search of appetzing meals, then look no further than Marie Min. Needless to say, all dishes in this restaurant’s menu are in relation to different kinds of vitamin-rich vegetables containing delicious curries, accompanied with dahl, baingan bharta (roasted aubergine sauce) and a range of lassis. In addition, here you also can find numerous Indian dishes made from local ingredients as well as a friendly English-speaking staff willing to make flexible adjustments to accommodate customers’ varying dietary necessities

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To sump up, discovering myriad of great destinations and the nation's wonderful uniqueness in Mandalay, please do not forget trying delectable cuisines in top 4 cannot-be-skipped restaurants mentioned above!

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