6 coffee shops attract many customers in Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City is a city developed by tourist sites, restaurants and hotels in Vietnam. Also, if you are a fan of coffee, do not forget to read the following article to choose the coffee shop to the best of his travel offline.

1. Pergola

With the main violet color, the garden restaurant is known as luxurious and more beautiful than other cafes in the inner city of Saigon. Around every seat, there are green trees nearby the lakes, so it always feels comfortable and relieved that outside space. In the evenings, shimmering with romantic colors from all kinds of neon light, candles that are wonderful and romantic extremely. Moreover, the service here is also quite good. The spacious and beautiful space is an advantage for dating friends, lover, family gatherings, corporate parties, group parties, parties, or meetings with partners, customers.

2, MiA Garden Coffee

MiA Garden Coffee
District 2 is home to many large and beautiful cafe. One of them is MiA Garden Coffee that is famous for its beautifully decorated space. This restaurant is located in the front of the road but it is not noisy. This is suitable for a cool afternoon with friends or family. In the morning, you will find the romantic flower truss decorated in the shop and it can be used for the background to take beautiful pictures always. MiA Garden Coffee not only sells delicious drinks but also sells quality pastries, too. Do not forget to come here once when traveling Saigon. 

3, Cafe 7 Ky Quan - Beautiful cafe in District 6

Cafe 7 Ky Quan
7 Ky Quan is a unique beautiful coffee shop in Saigon because it has a very large space to re-image many wonders in the world such as Ha Long Bay of Vietnam, Pyramid Ai The Taj Mahal of India, the Angkor Wat relic of Cambodia, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in West Asia and the Artemis Temple in Greece and so on. With this bold, creative idea, the 7th wonder cafe is the number one destination for lovers of photography, taking pictures of the mighty or eternal nature. 
The dishes in the cafe 7 wonders are considered as both diversified, both delicious and attractive. Besides, this coffee shop also provides you with professional service and furniture, comfortable seating space. Especially, the evening is quite stunning with the light scattered throughout the path and on the decoration of the coffee shop. 

4, Little Chair Coffee - Beautiful cafe in District 7

Little Chair Coffee
Little Chair Coffee is located at Nguyen Thi Thap, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. This coffee shop was designed a classic vintage style very own so you come here to take pictures, dating or chat with your lover and friends. This is also the destination of some celebrities video recording because decorative items in this area are decorated to create a warm and gentle feeling. The music here is mostly light music and romantic music to make customers feel as comfortable as possible. Besides, the quality is also very good and the price is affordable. It is not difficult to understand that the restaurant is considered one of the most popular cafes in Saigon.

5, Huong Dong Noi Cafe

Huong Dong Noi Cafe
Huong Dong Noi Cafe is one of the beautiful cafes in Saigon that successfully depicts the green prairie space as a picture of the countryside of Southern France. The space is extremely beautiful and romantic with white swings, flowers full of paths and murmuring waterfalls to feel the lightness of the countryside quiet. Even, Huong Dong Noi is a dating destination for couples who love romance, sophistication, and lightness. Some people come to the wedding to take pictures, save the most beautiful moments of love, too. However, the bar of this shop is expensive and slightly difficult to see when viewed from the outside.

6, Oasis Cafe

Oasis Cafe
Cafe Oasis is a popular place among the beautiful cafes in Saigon. Located in an alleyway right at Nguyen Thai Son crossroad, turn to Pham Van Dong and you will see a small alley to enter the coffee shop next to a temple. The outside space is like an ancient and majestic castle, while the inside is a combination of lyrical and sophisticated in each ornament as well as the overall setting. The shop has two floors with suspension lights and aquarium colorful enough, there are plenty of space from air conditioning to the garden for you to choose. Therefore, do not forget to visit this shop if you would like to enjoy the most interesting in Saigon.

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