7 beautiful and quiet beaches in Vung Tau

Not far away Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau is always to attract tourists every weekend or holidays. However , in addition to Truoc beach, Sau beach and Thuy Van beach in the city center, Vung Tau province has some beautiful beaches but they are still unspoiled because of being untapped for tourism. If you want to experience a pleasant trip, really take a rest and get away from the noise of cities, you should come to one of seven following beaches:

Vong Nguyet

Vong Nguyet is located at the foot of Little Mountain. From here, you can see God Statue on the mountain. Although it is in the city of Vung Tau, it is less known. The reason is that to reach this beach visitors must go through a trail over a mountain slope. Therefore, Vong Nguyet is an unspoiled bay with white sand, clear water, and many waves. It can be said that the beach is only for those who love to explore and experience.
7 beautiful and quiet beaches in Vung Tau

Chi Linh Chi Linh beach is located in Chi Linh resort and far from Vung Tau city about 3 km. In here, visitors can see rolling hills and green valley mixing with blue sea, sunshine and white sand. Then you swim in the cool water, play with waves and relax under green canopies while listening to the sound of waves and the flutter of leaves.
7 beautiful and quiet beaches in Vung Tau

Doi Nhai

To reach to Doi Nhai, you go from the city of Vung Tau to National Highway 3.2 until see a sign for Doi Nhai and go straight. Due to sedimentation of sand from the river, this beach is quite shallow. Water in here is clean and there are a few tourists on weekdays.

Loc An

Located in Loc An commune ( Xuyen Moc district ), Loc An Sea consists of beautiful beaches with many different terrains . The whole point of these beaches is that they have clear and blue water, and white sand stretching. In Loc An, there are resorts next to the sea but there are a few places where you have to use boats to go through a small river to the coast. However, because of that separation Loc An sea is very peaceful and clean. After bathing, you can buy fresh fish caught by local residents, fire to grill them and then enjoy at huts in the seaside.

7 beautiful and quiet beaches in Vung Tau

Ho Tram beach near Vung Tau City

7 beautiful and quiet beaches in Vung Tau

Ho Coc

If you are familiar with immense beaches, visitors going to Ho Coc will be surprised to rocks scattered or concentrated in clusters here. You can swim, walk or take photos with rocks. On windy afternoons, sitting on the rocks, talking and breathing in the salty sea while watching waves at sunset are great feelings.

7 beautiful and quiet beaches in Vung Tau

Ho Tram

Beaches in Ho Tram belong to resorts, so they are taken care of thoroughly. They are clean and beautiful while waves lap against the shore sanctifying all visitors.

Suoi O

Before being immersed into ocean waves in Suoi O sea, visitors must pass through the estuary with the width of near 30m. The sea is pristine and has sandy slopes. It also enchants visitors with the wonderful stillness of pine forests.

7 beautiful and quiet beaches in Vung Tau

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