Top travel photography in Vietnam

Vietnam has always been in the back of my mind as a travel photography destination, but ... I waited for the night to capture the beautiful colors of the lit lanterns.

1. Sapa in the morning.
Getting back to Sapa town at 5pm on the 8th of January in lunar calendar, I hurriedly ran to the flank of a mountain where many photographers gathered to take the panorama picture of the town. When I reached there, many already left because the sun was out and it was getting colder. However, i got lucky and it took a lot of persistence to take this picture, when the cloud came and the town began to turning on lights.

2. Tree in Hinh River hydropower.
Hinh River hydropower reservoir is located in Song Hinh district, Phu Yen province, 50 km away from Tuy Hoa city to the west. There is a great amount of wide green lawn, scenic and romantic areas here and it's a perfect place to camp overnight. In addition, it has a lot of beautiful corners for landscape photographers. In the picture is a withered tree in the lake in raining season. My friend and I reached this place to capture the Milky Way at night but we could not miss moments of stunning sunset here.

3.Yen Stream in Autumn.
Yen Stream lies in the complex that includes Huong Pagoda in Huong Son Commune, My Duc district, Hanoi. Huong Son is beautiful in all four seasons, but it reaches its glory in autumn, instead of in festivities season. At this time of the year, the whole stream is covered with pink and purple water lily while two sides are full of "tram" trees. During a visit to Yen stream in mid-September, I could truly see the beauty of nature in quietness. Noise disappeared, making way for tranquility. At that time, I photographed this photo to memorize it and to share with my friends, most of whom have visited Huong Pagoda every year but havent't had the opportunity to watch Yen Stream in autumn. What makes me happiest is when I posted this picture on Facebook, my friends said they didn't expect Yen Stream to be this beautiful.

4. Ho Chi Minh City at night.
The photo was taken in Ho Chi Minh city. The deadline to submit the pictures is close and I realized there hadn't been any picture capturing Sai Gon as a modern city on the progress to integration. I came up with a corner in the financial center of Sai Gon, where I have never came to take picture. That day, my friend and I came to MC skycscrapper to take picture.

5. Fishing with a Casting Nets.
Fishing with a casting-net - Taken on Nhu Y river, Hue city.

Source : Vietnam Travel

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