What travelling can do to you?

For starts it’s believed it can help make big life decision and help relieve stress. Sounds too good to be true right? But it’s not and here’s how. Firstly, it's true to say that travel helps relax and de-stress. An escape from our daily lives, travel proves to be fun, interesting and exciting. Secondly, and more surprisingly so, studies have shown that while being away from home and on a travel, our brain is provided with a change or surroundings and perspective which helps us solve our problems more effectively. It makes sense, because in our daily routine lives, our associations are limited to the people we know and the places we go, but once we are out of our comfort zone, the unfamiliarity allows us to see beyond the normal and expected. It allows growth. 

To explore the richness of yourself, take a step outside for a while, live excitingly, and you’ll find the most creative ways to live life and facilitate decision making.

Next, studies also show that the money spends on travel makes you happier than money spend on material things. Now I being a person who loves to shop and sees no shame in it agree to this. Reason being that money can’t buy what travel has to offer. The growth, the exposure, the cultural differences, the learning, the exploring are all things unparalleled to spending money on stuff.

They also say that laughter is the best medicine. But recent studies have also shown that travel is the best medicine to counter stress and depression. A study showed that 89% respondents saw a significant drop in stress upon traveling. Also, the effects of travelling are very immediate, and hence improvement is seen drastically. Fine it’s going to cost a little more than laughing, but it’s worth it. Specially with airline facilities such as AIR CANADA MILES, who offer you packages and various ways to earn miles and travel in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

The study also shows that travel makes you smarter. The reason for this is that while you are in a place thoroughly unknown to you, you tend to think more, to come up with plans and activities that are both cost and time effective. Mental flexibility doesn’t merely come from distance, but also from the decisions you take in the spur of the moment.

So we travel because we need to get away once in a while, it’s the distance and difference that helps creative play around and lets fun new things happen. And the best part is when you return, home is still there and nothing would have changed, except in your mind, and that alone would change everything.

So take the plunge, book a trip earn miles, take advantage of the incentives and travel because it’s the best way to learn and let go, move on and live our life.

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