Why People Plan to Dubai in Holidays

Just the mention of Dubai gets most people excited. Why should it not? It’s a mirage in the middle of a dessert. Over a decade ago who would have thought that one would be able to ski or roll down snowy hills in United Emirates? Despite the intense heat almost year round Dubai has become a holiday destination to be reckoned with. Who cares about the heat and the burning sun if you can splash around at the beach, Ski down a slope and experience age old customs and traditions all in one magical city?

Even though the idea of Dubai seduces most holiday planners there are a few things that scare the idea out of most people. The prices of everything in Dubai from hotel, food and shopping is higher compared to other countries and the ticket prices soar after every month or so. How does one plan a perfect holiday for one of the world’s most coveted holiday destinations without breaking the bank?

Personally, when I plan for a holiday I try to save up on the tickets and hotel cost as much as possible. My focus is usually spent on sightseeing and shopping. I browsed through a lot of websites that promised the best price for Dubai tickets. I was almost obsessed with my research. I was adamant on getting the cheapest flight to Dubai. I stumbled upon Fareoair.com and I was intrigued with all that they provided. I didn’t have to look for another place to book my hotel stay or look up car rentals. It was all there. I called their toll free number and I was guided on how to go about booking the flight to Dubai and my hotel stay. I am happy to say that I got a really good deal, much cheaper than I was anticipating it would be. I didn’t book the online car rentals though. The deals were good, but I preferred taking the Dubai Metro to most places. It’s cheaper than the car rentals, not as convenient, but cheaper none the less.

My friend decided to join me on my holiday at the last minute. She booked her ticket without consulting anyone and didn’t get a good deal as I did. Since I saved up on the initial flight to Dubai, I relished in spending money at all the wonderful tourist attractions that Dubai has to offer. Number one on my list was Wild Wadi! I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had. We tried all the rides, and we laughed all day. The sun was intense and when we walked barefoot around the water park our feet burned a little, but it did little to overshadow the fun we had.

Our next adventure was the Ski Dubai. We threw on Ski Dubai Jackets and walked through the snowy landscape marveling at the fact that we're walking in the snow while in a dessert. We skied to our hearts content and tried our luck at skateboarding down the slope. I kept constantly falling and gave up, while my friend got the hang of it after a couple of tries. The eight days in Dubai were some of the best in my life.

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