5 Essential Tips for Trekking in Vietnam

Below are some useful tips both for your time to trek in Vietnam:

Rain coat and waterproof boots

They are very important, especially you make a trek in a not very good weather. It can be muddy with the rain in summer or dizzy days in spring or winter. Thus, a rain coat and waterproof (not too thick) will help you more than you expected.

Water bottles

The cold and misty weather in winter in the Northern Vietnam requires you to wear the warm clothes. But don’t put your water bottle together with your clothes. Keep it by your waist or before your chest.

 Instant coffee

For those who are coffee addicts, instant coffee can’t be lack in your backpack. As you know, not many places you can find it, especially in the mountainous areas with hill tribes in the Northern Vietnam. You can purchase it in Hanoi or some towns and bring with you all your Vietnam adventure tours.

Warm clothes

Remember to prepare the warm clothes to avoid the coldness as you might spend some nights in home-stay. Moreover, the temperature changes a lot between day and night in Vietnam mountainous areas. It can be high in daytime but falls down significantly at night.

Cream for insect bites

The mosquito can makes you annoy or sleepless. Cream for insect bites is necessary to ensure it totally can’t affect on your trip. And, for sure, you can live well with insects during the trekking time. 

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