What To Leave At Home Before Your Trip To Southeast Asia

“Over-packing” clothes   
Before each journey, most people study the weather of their places to know what to bring and what to leave at home. Clothes are very important but do not bring it as many as possible. Pick essential clothes that you actually need. For examples, you are exploring temples, do you need to bring shorts and bikini? Try to collect carefully which is the best for you in your trip and bring it together.

Valuable Jewelries
Don’t put them into your checked luggage in airport. When you reach your hotel, include them in a safe place or have receptionists kept them for you.

Music Instruments
If you are musicians and need inspiration to create the one-of-a-kind feeling, music instruments such as guitar, brass, trumpet, and bowed strings are necessary. However, if your journey is to discover and enjoy the new destination, put all of them at home. They are not necessary to go with your trip.

Of course, each hotel provides you all of them: shampoo, body lotion and hairdryer. Yet I am sure that you also really love to use your favorite brand, so bring the proper size container to use as you are at home.

More than one guide book
Guidebook is a part in your trip but you can make a copy of them in PDF version to use on your table or smart phone. Choose the most informative one, preferably from Lonely Planet. We also highly advise you use the mobile apps such as Google Maps, Bing Travel or TripAdvisor to make your travel smoothly.  

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