10 Tips to Save Money while Traveling

Many people love traveling but have to limit their travels because of many sorts of expenses. However, if you know a few tips like these, traveling is not so expensive.

1. Sharing costs

In the past, you have to come straight to the airport to get your ticket, look up the directories to find a hotel and plan well in advance. But today has changed; “sharing costs” becomes a new travel idea that has been preferred by many. This means you can share meals, means of transports, guides or accommodations, resulting a significant amount of money saved.

2. Flying with low-cost airlines

Air transfer often accounts for half of expenses of 4 or 5 day trips. If you travel with limited budget, consider flying with VietJet Air, JetStar or AirAsia, who will save you quite a lot of money. Constantly searching for promotion programmes will also help.

3. Utilizing loyalty cards and vouchers

If you own some of these privileged programmes that you can use, why not redeem them for your trip. If your points are accumulated well enough, you can even get free flights or free accommodations.

4. Choosing budget-friendly destinations

Think about this: The cost of a week-end stay at a 4 star hotel in Paris equals the cost of a trip traveling in Lisbon. Or what you have to pay for a 3 day stay at a luxury resort in Maldives can get you two weeks exploring the highlights of Thailand. Choosing countries in which costs are low or economy are struggling can help you cutting costs on almost everything.

5. Don’t waste your money on banking fee

There’s no point of wasting $3 for withdrawing money or 3% when shopping abroad, except if you want to splurge. There are many banks that provide credit and debit cards that do not charge for transactions fee. Look for one before traveling.

6. Timing your tour booking

Booking tours either at the last minute or one year in advance will save you some money. In the first case, tour companies tend to reduce the prices to attract bookings and maximize occupancy.

7. Traveling on your own vehicle

You don’t have to travel abroad to have a trip of your lifetime while Vietnam still has so many secrets waiting for you to unveil. Get your own bikes or cars, hit the road and discover your beautiful country.

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