Spending Spring at the Best Travel Destinations

Spring is the wonderful time of the year where you enjoy a lot of little joys of life; coming out of the layers and shopping for the best, watching the finest elements of nature and traveling to some heavenly destinations around the globe. It’s all worth it! The mild climate makes it ideal for outdoor excursions.

Although springtime differs around the globe, it is generally less crowded during this season in comparison to summers and winters. This makes it the ideal time to travel for budget travelers.

Ideal temperature, lesser crowds and even lower rates; what more could you wish for?

Here are some of the top spring travel destinations.

1. Dominican Republic

For a budgeted break, Dominican Republic works out the best. It has all the best of what you would want on a Caribbean break, without the need to loot a bank! The island paradise has the best to offer you this spring with all the amazing joys of life. Whether you wish to enjoy a beach holiday, indulge in water sports or explore the history and culture of this dreamy destination, it is ideal. The best-valued resorts, most of which are all-inclusive are the best aspect of spending your break in there. The magnificent and stunning beaches are the eye’s candy where there is plenty to explore. A stay in Punta Cana is just what you need to turn your vacation into an amazing one. From forests to the fascinating wildlife, Dominican Republic has it all.

2. Cartagena

This jewel of South America looks even more beautiful when you visit in Mid-March. Springtime is ideal if you wish to explore the magical Colombian coastline of Cartagena. Every building you travel to takes you back in time and talks about the rich history of the city. The locals are proud of these roots and would display you the best in terms of their culture and music. The amazing places to eat would make your stay worth it. One of the reasons of visiting Cartagena during spring is to enjoy the wonderful Cartagena International Film Festival. The divine beaches of Cartagena make it a popular tourist destination. Whether you wish to relax by the beach or enjoy the stunning view of the surrounding, it would be delightful. The shores in Cartagena are also famous for its thrilling scuba diving and coral reefs.

3. Bali

March is luckily dry in Bali. Their new year begins on 12TH March, making it an ideal springtime vacation. You’d be fascinated to become part of these celebrations that usually last a few weeks. Bali is the most vibrant in this month where both the tourists and locals join in for the festivities. It is one of the ideal destinations that offer tourists a lot more than their expectations. If you visit in springtime, staying at the spa-like bungalows would turn into a magical break. The exotic surroundings and intimate beaches of Bali are heavenly; making it one of the most traveled destinations in the world despite the high costs.

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