Taking Adventurous Tour in Alanya

There are many adventurous tours in Alanya and one of them is Alanya Quad Safari. It is a very challenging and unique because we will ride a Quad bike while we are exploring the Taurus Mountains. We will ride through dry and wet road. It could be a thrilling experience.

Alanya Quad Safari

The Alanya Quad Safari is very suitable for young people who love adventure in a new place. Riding a quad while we are exploring the Taurus Mountains is full of adrenaline. When we take this tour, we should love the thrilled adventure which is going to be challenging. This tour takes a whole day and it will bring us to see beautiful natural views, go through muddy road, and travel the mountain.

The quad bike which we use for traveling around the Taurus Mountains is the ATV Quad Bike. This bike is designed as adventure machine. People who love adrenaline adventure in challenging place will love riding this in Alanya. Even though this tour seems a little bit danger, but it is safe for the whole family. Otherwise, we can go to the Alanya Quad Safari with our fellows who love adventure.

The place where we go riding the Quad bike is the Taurus Mountains which are the very famous place with the quad trail. Otherwise, we can go to the Rocky Mountains. In this place, the trail is full of twists and turns. Then, we will go through pine forest and muddy streams on the trail.

When we feel that we are not able to ride the Quad bike because we are not used to, but it is not so hard. Everyone who is older than sixteen is allowed to ride the ATV Quad bike. But, we have a chance for practice a little bit before we hit the trail. We also do not have to worry about license because we do not need one.

The tour consists of five hours and it will include riding for about 2.5 hours. For that hours, we can go about 30km. This tour has three options, we can choose the morning, afternoon, or evening session. The service includes the pick-up and drops back with the comfortable vehicle. Then, there is also instructions service. Besides that, we are guaranteed with full insurance and safety equipment. Alanya Tours guide for this tour is English speaking people. No matter where we are from, we will enjoy this tour.

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