Something you must know before traveling to Thailand

Thailand - "The land of golden temples" is well known for residents' friendliness and hospitality. Thai are so kind, polite and thoughtful to tourists that most of the travelers have no difficulty in exploring this oriental country. However, it is necessary for you to know some typical cultural features in this South East Asian nation when you are a foreigner. Let's read this article to know something important before traveling to Thailand.


Something you must know before traveling to Thailand
The right way of greeting in Thailand
Greeting seems to be something easy, doesn't it? But do you know how to greet in Thailand? Say "hello" or tip your hat? No, the best way to greet a native is pressing your palms together in front of your nose along with a slight bow. This gesture shows your politeness and respect to the opposite person. You may also say "goodbye", "thank you" or "sorry" by this ceremonial. In fact, many visitors are familiar with this way of greeting because it usually appears in Thai movies or other Thai art forms. Remember how to greet in the right way before traveling to Thailand so as to be a lovely visitor!

Worship Royalty – a rule you can’t overlook in Thailand

Thai people particularly respect Royalty
Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, so Thai worship King, Queen and Royalty. They regard birthday of King and Queen as national holidays. Traveling to Thailand, you should avoid showing your disrespect to Royalty since that is illegal in this country. Tourists should also not talk to natives about Royalty because this is a taboo.

Conception of eating

Thai Cuisine is flavorful
In this country, meals are known as the time of intimate connection among members. Thai foods are eye-catching and flavorful. The subtle combination of herbs, seasonings and fresh food creates unique cooking styles. In each meal, the main dish is rice or sticky rice eaten with different dishes which cooked in accordance with the taste of each region. Cuisine is the most popular way of entertainment. Each area has distinctive dishes and recipes. Therefore, before traveling to Thailand, don't forget to spend time tasting Thai food, especially famous dishes.

Shopping in Thailand

When traveling to Thailand, you should haggle reasonably and not insist on the price you give. Haggling is popular in small shops or stores and sometimes in supermarkets. But in big shopping malls or marts, the price of all goods is fixed, so haggling is in vain.

Taboos in customs and habits of Thailand

There are some taboos in Thai culture you should know before traveling to Thailand

  • Do not step on any Thai currency since it does mean that you do not respect the King. This action is even illegal.
  • Do not use only your left hand to give someone a gift since Thai believe the right hand symbolizes grandeur while the other hand symbolizes lowliness. Do use your right hand or both of your hand is the best.
  • Do not use your forefinger to point something or someone since this is rude and impolite.
  • When coming to pagodas or temples, do not wear unsuitable clothes such as shorts or mini jupes. You also have to take off your shoes and do not step on the doorstep when visiting Muslim temples, churches or private houses.
  • Do not touch or rub somebody's head since this seems to look down on them.
  • Do not touch women's body if not allowed or see them in over 2 seconds. Thai women are so reserved. These kinds of activities are considered rudeness.
  • A thing you had better notice: don't use red ink pens to sign. According to customs of Thailand, this kind of pen is only used for write the name of the deceased on the coffin lid.
  • Thai hate the number 6 and like the number 9, so try to avoid all things related the number 6.

Each country has distinctive features of cultures and Thailand is not an exemption. Hence, it's a good idea for you to know some of them before traveling to Thailand.

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