10 ways to experience Dubai on a budget

Dubai may be the city of sheikhs, but you don’t need to have a sheikh’s budget to travel to Dubai. Although the city is considered to be one of the most expensive cities around the world, with a little knowledge you can travel to Dubai in a budget friendly way. So, here are ten ways to experience Dubai on a budget.

Dubai city is almost synonymous to five-star hotels and skyscrapers. Long considered to be a playground of wealthy and famous, you can enjoy a Dubai City Tour on a budget too. The trick here is to look for alternatives. While most everything comes with a five-star status in Dubai, the budget-friendly options are nowhere less comfortable. So, here are ten ways for enjoying a budget friendly tour to Dubai.

10 ways to experience Dubai on a budget

1. Look for flight deals: 

The airfare comes first in travel plan. Most airlines offer great discount deals of Dubai tickets from time to time. Keep an eye on the internet space and grab these deals. You’ll have to plan your trip in advance tough. You can save a considerable amount of money by taking your flight ticket way in advance. 

2. Ditch the five stars: 

Although many five stars hotels in Dubai can cost you a month’s salary for a night, there are some pretty good budget hotels too. If you do a bit of research, you can find great accommodations for as little as $80 a night. While of course they do not have the extravagance of five-star hotels, most of them offer excellent facilities and services.

3. Avail Metro: Taxi fare is pretty high in the city. To save on this, you can avail the driverless Metro trains in Dubai. Get a Nol card and recharge it Dhs 1.8 only for a short trip or maybe with Dhs 5.8 for longer journeys. These trains are superbly comfortable, fast and you can travel to every part of the city with just about Dhs 11. You can avail the VIP coach too for a slightly higher price and get access to Wi-fi. 

4. Shop from the souks: 

Souks are the traditional marketplaces where you can buy almost everything ranging from spices to rugs to trinkets. So, ditch the high-flying brand stores and take a trip to the souks around. Not only you get great quality products for half the price, but you'll also get to experience the unique cultural heritage of the city.

5. Visit the museums: 

Museums charge very low to no money for entry and gives you an awesome insight into the history, culture and lifestyle of the city.

6. Go for local delicacies: 

Instead of dining at pricey fine dining restaurants explore local joints for authentic taste at a much affordable price. Do not forget to try Shwarma, a local delicacy. 

7. Hot Air Balloon: Do not miss a hot air balloon ride on Dubai City Tour. The rides are exciting and fun while being quite friendly to your pockets.

8. Get Free Drinks: Although drinks cost sky high here, most reputed bars and nightclubs arranges ladies nights and gent’s nights quite regularly. You can get free drinks during these nights while enjoying the impressive ambience.

9. Bargain: Bargaining power rules anywhere in the world! While shopping in souks, bargain hard to get the products at best prices.

10. Visit the park: 

Dubai Creek is the best destination if you are travelling with family. Soak up the beauties of nature by enjoying a lazy day at the park.

Follow these ten tips and your Dubai tour will not burn a hole in your pocket.


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