What Dylan Hillion, French Backpacker, Saw in His Adventure to Bac Son Valley in Vietnam Was Incredible

I wished to go outside Hanoi to discover a new place in Vietnam where I’ll enjoy a peaceful area. That’s why, with my team, I decided to travel to a Vietnamese town called Bac Son.

Bac Son Valley, a rural place of Lang Son Province, is located in the northeast of Vietnam, at around 160 kilometers from Hanoi. Traveling to Bac Son is the authenticity of Vietnam Adventure. This traditional village is a perfect place to be in a quiet and wonderful landscape and also to leave a truly local experience where only local people live far from the tourists.

Our trip began by a 4 driving hours in motorbike to go to Bac Son from Hanoi. A trip where I could admired the landscape in the small roads of Vietnam.  We crossed some city and townships, where I could look at the differences between the big city like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh and this place in the middle of nowhere. The scenery was a perfect mix between the nature with rice or cereals culture, some small cities and local towns. By taking this kind of trip, we know why Vietnam is such a unique country.  A good experience to understand Vietnam and Vietnamese culture.  After this 4 hours, I was really excited to be there and not tired at all.

For the night, we spend it on a homestay in a local family, belonging to the Tay ethnic (ethnic living in Bac Son on stilts houses) , where we enjoyed the best Vietnamese food ( sticky rice, eggs, noodle, beef, vegetables, etc...). For the drink lovers, we had the chance to try the local alcohol made with rice, a unique drink.

This is a truly local experience where we could interact with the family and know more about the local culture and habits. It was also the great time to tried Vietnamese cards game, called by myself as Vietnamese poker. An easy and funny way to spend the night. After being lucky and winning some money at this game, I spend a great night and get ready for our first day in this awesome village.

First of all, we discovered an amazing valley where colorful rice fields was crossed by the rivers and surrounding by the mountains, the perfect match made by Mother Nature. The biggest difference with city like Hanoi, it’s the calm and the peace that prevail in the village. We spend a perfect moment by walking into the center of the traditional village. Admired the unique architecture of the houses, forgot the modern and crowded way of our city and enjoy the peaceful area of the village. We also try the local donuts to gain strength before our trekking into the mountain!

Secondly, to enjoy more this place, we needed to go on the top of the mountain to overtake the cell phone tower situated atop. A funny and unforgettable trekking on a mountain where nature is king. This trekking is very unique, no men’s installations, just you and the nature. It wasn’t the easiest trekking, but for sure it was one of the most amazing I did.

Arriving on the top, we admired an incredible view out of sight, where the traditional houses mix perfectly with the color of the fields and mountains. This is at this moment, than I understand why people call it the green paradise on the earth.

The valley was so beautiful, so natural, than you feel like walking on the world. I had the feeling of being the king of the world, It was like it was open to me ! I just wanted to stay there all the day to relax and enjoy the view but so much things waited for me on the foot of mountain.

Then, back down, a big adventure moment where we did more climbing than hiking, but I went down safely, with a big smile and a lot of unforgettables memories.

To continue, we went back to the local houses to eat a Vietnamese lunch and enjoy the sunny weather. It was also a good time to take a rest after our adventure morning trip into the mountains and to see again the welcomed family. Then, we took a small trip in the road of Bac Son to a traditional communal house.

During this trip, we could look around us and enjoy the atmosphere. The view of this green valley made me feel relax and happy. Arriving in the temple, I could admired an amazing temple with a traditional architecture, and also take incredible pictures of it with the beautiful landscape behind the temple, where the color of the mountains match perfectly with the wood of the temple and the rising sun. A unique traditional place I got the chance to enjoy!

Unfortunately, we needed to come back to Hanoi, but this time spend in Bac Son was incredible and we could enjoy one of the most beautiful and natural place in the world, perfect for the body, the mind and the eyes! Being in good shape and got unforgettables memories, that’s the risk to travel to Bac Son!

To conclude, Bac Son has everything to become one exciting destination for tourists from all parts of the world. It meets the needs of different travel such as understanding the local culture and life of ethnic minorities, learn methods of rice cultivation and horticulture farmers, scenic hiking , trekking, bicycling…

Well positioned Bac Son Valley creates a great combination of the valley itself and the surrounding landscapes to offer tourists more interesting and enjoyable adventures. It is definitely my favorite place to clear my mind and enjoy the tranquility in an amazing landscape. Seeing such a beautiful place will make you realize that Mother Nature has so much to offer. Moreover, there is too much to explore in this beautiful world so don’t just sit and stare. Plan your trip to Vietnam’s Bac Son right away! You definitely need to go there on time in your life!

Let's See What Dylan and His Team Enjoyed in Their Bac Son Valley Adventure

► Author: Dylan Hillion
► Copyright: Brian Vu

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