3 Cafes for Photographers in Ho Chi Minh City

It is said that Saigon is a busy city with an industrial lifestyle, but you can still find peaceful corners somewhere in this city. For those who are passionate about travel photography, these are three fabulous cafeterias in Ho Chi Minh City that take you to a quite world among the crazy life of the modern city.

1. Hao Café

Appeared in Saigon for 3 years, the Hao Café’s style is designed as can be seen in northern ones. It is a two- floor café which decorated anciently to bring customer the Northern quiet atmosphere. Come to the café, tourists can hear orders that can be common found in the north such as “cho toi mot den da” (a cup of coffee with ice) or “nau da” (milk coffee with ice).

All the main furniture including tables, chairs, clocks are wooden ones and are designed to leave intimate and friendly expressions. The walls are decorated with a range of black and white photos of daily life moments. From the view of Hao Coffee, you look out to Nguyen Cong Tru Street which is all day passersby crowded. Especially, people who come to this cafeteria are almost film cameraman – a special form of art.

Hao Café’s drinks are quite simple, only familiar types but carefully prepared. A specialty is that the coffee beans are decorticated right there so that the customers are able to enjoy real tasty flavors. The prices are also very reasonable, just from 20000 dong (1$)

2. Photo Coffee

Located on Dinh Tien Hoang Street (District 1), it is an ideal address for those who are really interested in photography. The Photo’s customers are at variety of ages, but most are middle-aged people. Once came to there, you have chances to take photographs, to exchange understanding of photography, or to share photographing techniques.

Especially, the coffee also serve lunches for people who would like to spend more time on photography passions. This is a reason why it is always crowded in the lunch time. Not only foods, but also numerous of drinks are meticulously prepared in order to please visitors. The average price for a drink here is 30000 dong (about US1.5$)

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3. Fix Republic Café

Standing inside an apartment building on Ngo Thoi Nhiem Street, this small Coffee bar is one of the most favorite options of photo passionate people, especially young people. Many people come to the café to comment or to exchange their skill or taking beautiful photographs.

Not too large space, but thanks to the owner’s ingenious arrangement that make the bar more expressive. The furniture inside and its orders show us a combination of generosity and modern as the Saigon lifestyle. Cross the narrow stairs, visitors can see the bar with fragrant coffee and amazing art pictures. The second floor balcony, where people can watch flowers, trees and crowded streets, is an ideal space for those who would like to take a rest in an individual corner.

The Photo Coffee’s music also leaves visitors special emotions. And you can also order the bar to play your favorite rhythms. The menu is very various with a lot types of coffee, tea, frappe, etc. with reasonable price only from 20000 dong (about US1$)

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"3 Cafes for Photographers in Ho Chi Minh" is a photographer's dream come true. With keen insights, it guides lens enthusiasts to inspiring locales. Why Games Block This article marries passion for photography with the love for coffee culture.

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