The Best Travel Guide to Phu Yen, Vietnam

Phu Yen is best known as the paradise of yellow flowers and green grass and the beautiful destination for holidays. Therefore if you are planning a trip to Phu Yen, then these suggestions below will make you a perfect journey.

1. Transfer

You can easily travel by air and road from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 

You can refer two air firms of Jetstar and Vietjet with the price of 590.000VND (26.44 USD) for one - way. However, at some point of time, these firms offer the price of 0VND (0 USD) for visitors. 
Your flight will take about 1h40’ for travelling from Hanoi. 

2. Accommodation

The flights will get in Tuy Hoa airport in the middle of the day. Thus you should take a short rest at your hotel before starting your discovery.

The city owns the total of 5 hotels with the affordable price from 420.000VND - 1.000.000VND/night (18.82 - 44.81 USD). However their locations are not near the beach, you can also get to the beach easily. 

You can refer some hotels such as CenDuluxe and Vietstar resort (5 – star hotels), Kaya and Saigon – Phu Yen ( 4 – star), Hung Vung ( 3 – star). 

Long Beach is the only hotel located near the beach in Tuy Hoa with the price ranging from 600.000 VND (26.89 USD)/ night. Besides, there are several guesthouses, hotels with cheap price minimum from 150.000VND (6.72 USD)/ night.

3. Itinerary

Departing from Tuy Hoa, you can refer these suggestions below within three days:

Day 1:  Visit Vung Ro historic relic – Mui Dien – Dam Mon (35km from Tuy Hoa)

In the first day, you will have a great chance to hear the historical story about ships that have no – number at Vung Ro gulf and check – in at Vietnam's East Pole or swim in Mon beach. 

Day 2: Xuan Dai gulf – Mang Lang church – Ghenh Da Dia – Ganh Ong – Bai Xep.

The farthest point of this route is nearly 60 km from the city. With this route, you can feel relaxed when swimming on the beaches of Xuan Dai gulf and Bai Xep, which have the fantastic space.

Day 3: Discover further the city.

In the rest time of your stays, let’s spend time for discovering the city or swimming in the cool seawater of Tuy Hoa’s beach with the stretching sand and gentle waves. However, there are not many services on the beach.

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4. Entertainment

There are the most fascinating arts programs at nights of the Saturdays, which take place at the foot of Nhan tower at 19h30 pm with the topic about Phu Yen – the attractive destination along with different music programs. One of the interesting programs such as bai choi, ho khoan, ho ba trao, and other melodies. 

Besides, you can go to karaoke bars, clubs in Tuy Hoa, most of them still serve until 1.00 am.

5. Dining

Tuna is the famous seafood in Phu Yen, which is processed into various dishes. Some good addresses to enjoy this dish are located on Le Loi, Le Duan and Tran Hung Dao streets with the affordable price of 20.000VND (0.90 USD) / bowl of eye tuna and 100.000VND (4.48 USD)/raw fish.

Especially don’t forget to enjoy the renowned food “Banh hoi long heo” in Phu Yen. The dish is served with banh hoi, (similar to rice noodle) and internals of pig made clean and spices so it is very delicious and fragrant. You can get to Hoa Da restaurant on National Highway 1A, Tuy An province, the best place to eat at the affordable price of 40.000VND (1.79 USD).

Besides, there are some tasty sea-foods that you should try in your trip such as oysters, shrimp, etc. The spices here are diversified with some tastes of spice, sweetness, and sourness, etc depending on your demand.

6. What to Buy?

Canned sea - foods are often chosen by many people including tuna, squid, fish sauce, girdle-cake, etc and other drinks for summer here.

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