Top 6 Interesting Beach Camping Spots in Vietnam

Beside luxury hotels or resorts are the popular ways for overnight, tent camp will give you some new experiences during your stays. These are the best places for camping you can refer.

1. Trung Luong Picnic Area, Phu Cat

Located about 30km from Quy Nhon city, and belonging to Phu Cat district, Trung Luong picnic area is a favorite destination for many visitors thanks to the pristine beauty of the white smooth sandy beach, cliffs, and vast blue seawater.

Having a night campfire and staying overnight in the tents on the beach will make you the incredible experience. Also, you can have combined visits to Nui Ong pagoda, Thien Hung monastery, etc for more enjoyable summer vacation.

2. Co To Eco Lodge.

Located about 6km from Co To town, and featuring with thatched roofs in the impressive design and environmental friendliness style, Co To Eco Lodge is an ideal place for relaxation. Here you will have a wonderful dinner in the romantic and open space as well as a barbecue with friends and enjoy fresh seafood such as shrimp and squid. 

The price of hiring room is ranging from $25.

3. Sao Bien Ecotourism Area, Binh Lap

Some interesting wooden shacks and tents on the beach will take your first glimpse. The price is ranging from $20 -25.

Here you will have the most relaxing moments by taking some exciting games on the beach such as boating baskets, kayaking, biking, kite flying, climbing, fire camping, etc. 

Beach here is very safe for you to entertainment with clear seawater, and not too deep.

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4. Coco Beach Camp, Binh Thuan

The campsite offers different choices with tent services on your demand such as double tents, single tents or tents for the whole family.

Here you will have chance to relax while watching the peaceful scenery of the beach and enjoying fresh seafood, etc. Besides, there are many interesting activities on the beach for entertaining such as kite surfing, sailing, fishing, yoga… 

The price is affordable from $1 - $7.

5. Son My Beach, Binh Thuan

Offering with more than 20 different tents made of wooden frames, roofs and quite space of the beach with sea breeze and casuarina groves, Son My Beach would be the ideal choice for relaxing after the busy days. 

Besides, there are numerous dunes, beautiful natural lakes and stretching pristine sandy beach as well as exciting underwater games, driving terrain motor, etc for the incredible holiday.

Also, it provides the best space for night campfire in the excellent music while enjoining tasty seafood… Indeed, this would be the memorable holiday. 

6. Lu Glamping

This camping spot is located near the market and is the new place with speedy games such as diving for sightseeing coral reefs, driving UTV, playing jetski, etc. 

Besides, it offers many services with series of tents, container rooms, especially honeycomb rooms, which are preferred by many visitors.

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Beside luxury hotels or resorts are the popular ways pop up beach tent for overnight, tent camp will give you some new experiences during your stays. These are the best places for camping you can refer

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