How to Avoid Common Cruise Holiday Mistakes – Getting to the Port

From forgetting one’s passport (or getting to the port to discover it’s out-of-date) to packing too much or too little, there are many mistakes that could be made when preparing for a cruise holiday.
Cruise holidays are a little different from other holidays, for example, flying abroad and backpacking, or even package holidays where flights, accommodation, and transfers are all arranged, but the same principles still apply – prepare yourself well, make sure you’ve done your research and get to the departure point (the airport or port) safely and on time.

Research Your Transportation Options

Depending on the port you’re departing from, you may have many options to get there or you may find that your options are very limited. However, your main options will likely to be one or more of the following:

  • Bus or Train (you’ll likely have to call a taxi or an Uber as well) 
  • Taxi or Uber (this option can be expensive over long distances) 
  • Drive your own car and park at a long-term parking facility

The best option for you isn’t necessarily the most affordable one, but the option that offers you the right combination of cost-effectiveness, convenience, and safety. Long-term portside parking is very secure and the rates are cost-effective, but you may find there’s an excellent public transportation option that works out more affordable.
However, public transport isn’t usually very convenient when traveling to a port and you don’t want to miss the bus or train as this would complicate things and get your holiday off to a poor start – a mistake many holidaymakers have made. That’s why it’s better to look into your other options which are catching a taxi or Uber, or driving to the port and using one of the parking facilities there.

Taxi/Uber or Drive and Park?

It really depends on the distances involved and the number of people you’re traveling with, but generally speaking, driving to the port and parking there is usually the best option available. This is especially the case if you’re traveling with friends and you can split the cost of parking, which is quite affordable these days due to the competition between parking providers. Here are a few commonly made mistakes to be aware of and watch out for:

  • Not researching taxi or Uber rates – It may be a lot more expensive than you think. You have to be aware of, among other things, peak travel times and wait times. 
  • Not researching port parking rates – Port parking is affordable, safe and secure. Many people don’t realize this, which is why they choose other options and pay too much. 
  • Not calculating traveling times – No matter how you’ll get there, you need to know how long it will take you to get to the port. 
 Don’t make the same mistakes that so many holidaymakers have made, research your travel options to select the most suitable one for you and your traveling companions, and make your travel arrangements in advance. Your next cruise holiday will be so much enjoyable as a result!


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