Top Tourist Attractions in Halong Bay

In addition to the stunning Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh has attracted tourists, particularly young ones with impressive destinations that promise to make you fall in love right you set foot in them.

Talking about Quang Ninh, it might be a stereotype that this province was only naturally favored a variety of spectacular landscapes that are nationally and internationally famous. However, this standard tourist attraction is also an ideal place for entertaining activities, exploration, and relaxation like other tourism cities.

Observing Ha Long Bay on the giant wheel

When the Queen cable car system with a capacity of 230 people and the Sun Wheel were completed, they were immediately one of the “hottest” tourists attraction in Ha Long.  At that time, tourists were very curious about how it works and what it looks like, so it drew a significant of visitors.

The queen cable car crosses the gate of Cua Luc Bay, which connects Bai Chay and Ba Deo beaches (Hon Gai, Ha Long City). Therefore, if you sit in this cable car, you will be unconditionally mesmerized by the charming scenery from the upside down. No matter when you get on the cable car, you definitely hold a panoramic view of the stunning Ha Long Bay.

Situated at the peak of Ba Deo Hill, the spectacular Sun wheel is the second largest wheel in Vietnam and also one of the world's largest wheel. Sitting on the Sun Wheel, you can see the whole scenery of Ha Long Bay from the height of 215m above sea level! You will have a chance to capture into your eyes the vast and beautiful nature the bay. Thus, it will definitely be an unforgettable experience during your journey to this amazing land.

The higher the wheel climbs up, the more magical the scenery is. This is totally true when you enjoy the immense nature in Quang Ninh by the giant Sun wheel. Each cabin carries up to 6 people with a rotation of 15-20 minutes. The ticket per passenger is priced at 15$ and 10$ for adults and for children under 1.3 meter tall. Noticeably, children shorter than 1 meter can get free tickets. It seems to be quite high but actually, affordable because the ticket includes the cable car fare, Sun wheel fare and even the fare at the amusement park at Ba Deo hill. It’s wonderful to sit on the Sun wheel to enjoy the nightlife of the local residents and tourists in the Bay. At night, the sparkling light from this wheel winding with the lighting system at Bai Chay bridge surely makes Ha Long city more magical and attractive.

Laying leisurely on the cruise

As the title would suggest, you definitely lay leisurely on the cruise. It is one of the “must-try” activity during your summer cruise vacation in Quang Ninh.

It’s not the normal sleeping, a kind of “luxurious” relaxation, instead. It is because you can indulge yourself into the airy atmosphere of the sea and the stunning scenery of the bay. How fascinating! This experience is valuable because you do not have many chances in your busy life to lay lazily on the luxurious ship to enjoy the melodious songs of wind and wave. It is an opportunity to approach to the immense nature, too. At that time, you try being “selfish” for a short time, ignore every stuff facing you, and do nothing except for totally relax and enjoy the comfortable and peaceful in mind. According to Jordan Jordan Vogt, Kong’s director: " I have never been happy and comfortable before till I sleep on this cruise. Marvelous! Come here and sleep! "

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