5 of Best Places to Eat Xôi in Hanoi

1. Aunt Kim’s sticky rice on Tran Xuan Soan Street, Lo Duc Ward

Aunt Kim’s sticky rice is certainly a familiar dish to those who live on Tran Xuan Soan Street, Lo Duc Ward. Aunt Kim usually starts working from the evening to the late night. Because of the good quality of the sticky rice, the late it is, the more crowded the shop is.

Xoi of this food stall is sold at reasonable prices that still ensure its quality. That's the comment of its regular guests.  The sticky rice is soft and fragrant and served with various accompaniments which are clean and well-processed to ensure its best tastes. Among them, stewed meat and chicken fried with mushroom are highly ordered.

The pickled cucumbers made by aunt Kim, which is sour, sweet, salty and spicy, tastes very well. It is definitely an ideal accompaniment to eat with Xoi to reduce the grease of meat. Pate is often cut into sizeable slices, which “favor” our mouth. There are two types of eggs to be served, namely cooked eggs and half-cooked eggs for its guests to choose. Imagine, paying 1$ and you are probably enjoyed a tasteful bowl of Xoi that are mixed with at less two accompaniments and a quarter of dollar if you want to add to any dish. Thus, it “surely” fulls your stomach, and, later on, satisfies your mouth.

2. Fried sticky rice on Hang Dieu Street

The fried sticky rice restaurant on Hang Dieu Street is considered as one of the oldest sticky rice shops in Hanoi. As the name would suggest, this restaurant impressed its guests with the crispy, fragrant, and tasteful sticky rice that has made and protected its name.  The sticky rice is crispy outside while remains soft and sticky inside.

The distinct feature of this shop is that the owners only fry sticky rice right after guests make orders to ensure that it is hot, crispy, and sticky. To process this amazing dish, the owners wrap sticky rice tightly in a plastic bag, grasp it until grains of sticky rice stick together, then spread and put into a frying pan. There are various dished accompanied by Xoi such as stewed pork, sausages, pate, etc.

The price of a portion fluctuates from 2$ to 3$ depending on the accompaniments you want to add in your portion. However, it’s definitely worth trying. Believe me!

3. Yen sticky rice on Nguyen Huu Huan Street

Xoi Yen on Nguyen Huu Huan Street has drawn its both proponents and opponents for its quality and price. However, it’s worth mentioning that this late night restaurant serves most various accompaniments that is not easy to find at that time in Hanoi. Specifically, they are eggs, pork, sausage, hams, pate, and chicken, etc. Among them, the soft, fragrant, and greasy, sticky rice with chicken is one of the most favorite dishes. It looks delicious and attractive because chicken is torn into strips and pour sauce on them. Additionally, this restaurant offers various kinds of drink for you to choose while eating. The price of each sticky rice portion is not the same but you can enjoy a delicious one with averagely 1.5$ (up to 2,5$). It might be significantly higher than others’ but it probably deserves the amount you pay.

4. Xoi Loc on Ta Quang Buu Street

With 18 years of opening, Xoi Loc on Ta Quang Buu Street has been a familiar dish to those who live in Bach Mai Ward. Firstly featured with the “weird” opening hours, from 6 p.m till 4 a.m of the next day. Noticeably, the “crowded” hours of the restaurant is from 10 p.m to 11 p.m. As a result, you have to queue to be enjoyed a tasteful portion of  Xoi Loc. 

The distinguishing characteristic of the restaurant is the white sticky rice served with Cha (Vietnamese fermented pork roll), stewed meat and eggs, sausages, chicken fried with mushrooms and Char Xiu (Barbeque pork) at a price of 35,000 VND / bowl. You probably full your stomach with just a portion. This dish is served with unripe papaya cut into small and thin slices and aromatic herbs to reduce the grease of meat. In addition to the sticky rice, the restaurant offers various kinds of bread.

The weak point of Xoi Loc is the limited space. Therefore, most of the guests order “take-away” portion. Moreover, it has just changed location from Bach Mai to Ta Quang Buu. Although they are quite close to each other, you will probably go back home if you do not pay attention to the address.

5. Sticky rice with spicy ribs on Truong Chinh Street 

This sidewalk food stall is located on Truong Chinh Street, close to Nga Tu So Crossroads. In spite of its location on the pavement, this food stall still draws a significant number of customers with the wonderful combination of soft sticky rice, well-cooked fried dried ribs, and sticky rice accompanied by the extremely spicy sauce.

A bowl of sticky rice in this stall is big enough to make you full. In addition to the tasteful ribs, there are various accompaniments for you to choose such as meat, sausage as other restaurants serve.
This food stall opens from 5 p.m to the midnight. The price fluctuates from 1$ to 2$ depending what you order. So, if you want to find a late night restaurant to full your stomach, this place must be a reliable one. Especially during cool weather, it’s such a great experience to enjoy a bowl of sticky rice full of accompaniments and a tasteful spicy sauce.

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