Food Paradise - Krabi Weekend Night Market

Fresh seafood, soft drinks, cute handmade items ... will surely make visitors happy when visiting this market.

Not as majestic as Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, but the night market at night Krabi always attracts visitors by hundreds of attractive dishes at cheap prices. If you have the opportunity to come to Krabi at the weekend, you definitely should not miss this market.

Just like the Ben Thanh Night Market in Saigon, the Krabi weekend market is open on the central Krabi market. At about 17:00, the restaurants start selling on the road gradually, the night atmosphere is more and more bustling. There are also children playing ear-catching Thai musical instruments.

The market is very large, but signboards are attached everywhere, divided into separate areas such as souvenirs, food, drinks ... makes visitors easy to visit.

Going to the Krabi weekend market, you will not be able to get your eyes off a variety of interesting snack scattered throughout the market. The price is extremely affordable: 20 - 30 baht / serving.

Krabi is a coastal city where seafood is particularly fresh, delicious and cheaper than anywhere else in Thailand. Do not be afraid to buy seafood in the night market, sometimes the seafood here is even more fresh in the coastal restaurants because the market is crowded so the food counter is always sold out during the day. Some snails, prawns or grilled shrimp ... cost about 50 - 100 baht

The stalls selling super-attractive beverages, have looked and want to try many dishes such as ground watermelon, orange juice, pomegranate or Thai style cocktail in bamboo tube looks beautiful. Prices are very cheap, about 30 - 50 baht

Like many other weekend markets, Krabi market also sells many handmade souvenirs for you to buy as souvenirs or as gifts. The little things here are cheap and very cute, so you walk around but still can not take your eyes off them.

One of the most popular is the handmade fragrant soap. Pure white soap is sculpted by the craftsmen into beautiful flowers, then sprayed in a smooth brown coconut shell. You can leave in the bedroom, bathroom for fragrant or give friends is also very interesting. The price of a "soap flower" is 100 baht each.

The dish not to be missed when coming here is the famous coconut cream of Thailand. Cool coconut cream, moderate, not sweet, eaten with young coconut and added with little chocolate sauce or strawberry sauce ... will make you want to eat more andmore. However, you should not eat much because there are dozens of good food in the market waiting for  you to try.

In the middle of the market there is a separate dining area for guests. You can take a walk around the market, buy a variety of favorite food, and then choose a location in the dining area for a cup of coffee. However, because the number of guests here is always crowded, so you should appoint a placeholder and then take turns to buy food. When you come here alone, do not be afraid, let’s choose the table that only one person sitting and ask him or her if you can share the table. At the dining area there is also a small stage, anyone who wants to sing cheerfully can come up here to perform to make the atmosphere more exciting. Although it is just a night market, it is very clean thanks to the laborers who are present to collect the food boxes as soon as you have finished eating.

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