7 Best Museums In The World

Museums are amazing places comprising historical assortment of objects. They preserve cultural, scientific, or artistic objects. There are a large number of museums across the world. The following lists the world’s best and must visit museums during your next vacation. These popular museums are more than simple an abode of sculptures and painting. These are informative and insightful places to know about history, culture and lots more. ESTA visa aids you to travel to most of the best places in the world.

1. Egyptian Museum, Cairo

The museum has the capability of appealing visitors in huge numbers from its vast collection of significant archaeological findings. The buildings architecture is neo-classical and it houses amazing collection of Egyptian antiquities and art work. Amongst the highly popular one is the Tutankhamun’s treasure which includes his ornaments and gold mask that are on display. The museum from its splendid collection is sure to impress every visitor.

2. British Museum, London

This museum boasts an inimitable and stellar collection, which you will not find in other place. It has millions of fascinating art works from across the globe. The British Museum’s galleries are devoted to Roman civilization, Egypt, Greece, Africa, Medieval Europe and Asia, tracing both human culture as well as history. Though this Museum has several significant archaeological discoveries belonging to different eras but one among the most cherished possessions of this Museum is the Rosetta stone. It holds over 8 millions objects from various eras.

3. Smithsonian Institution, US

This is the world’s largest museum and research complex. It has about 19 galleries and museums, many research stations, and the national zoological park. More than 137 millions of objects describing America’s story are housed here. While your visit in Washington D.C ensure you do visit this museum. With ESTA visa you can travel to amazing places of US with your family or friends.

4. Acropolis Museum, Athens

An archaeological Museum, the acropolis fascinates large number of visitors from across the globe every year. It was built to hold every artifact that found from Greek Bronze Age to Byzantine and Roman. The contemporary museum holds over 4000 exhibits that offer an insightful info regarding Greek history.

5. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, US

Renowned as the Met, this Museum of art is regarded as the largest museum in western hemisphere. It has the collection of over 2 million objects from across the world and from all eras. Obtain ESTA visa and plan your trip to New York to relish the exquisiteness of this great Museum.

6. The Uffizi Gallery, Italy

Located in Florence, Italy this museum is one among the oldest and the popular art museums in the western world. It houses the world’s richest and finest assortment of Renaissance paintings. All the popular and significant Italian artifacts of all ears are housed there.

7. Rijksmuseum, Netherlands

This museum located in Amsterdam, Netherlands is the renowned Dutch national museum which is dedicated to history and arts. It has on display over 8000 items of history and art.

Aforementioned, are few of the best Museums in the world to visit during your lifetime!

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