Top 5 Adventurous Destinations To Visit In Vietnam

Vietnam is a country located in South East Asia seemingly becoming a booming hotspot tourist destination. The country carries with it the new slogan “It’s a country, not a war”, probably to wipe off its reputation known to many for the infamous Vietnamese War. The country has been receiving loads and loads of tourists who come here to have a taste of its adventurous nature. The current massive influx of travellers and tourist is not only due to their interest in the state’s war history but also the immense activities they can indulge into across the country.

Here are some of the top five tourists’ favourite destinations in Vietnam.

1. Halong Bay

This bay is often touted as Vietnam’s top tourist destination. Halong, a Vietnamese name simply means “Where the dragon descends into the sea”. Recognized as a world heritage site in UNESCO’s 1994 World Heritage List, this scenic destination is comprised of some 3000 individual islands where tourists and travellers come to explore nature and scenery in depth. This is definitely an area not to be left out if you are planning a vacation to Vietnam.

Most of these islands are uninhabited while others are home to floating villages of Vietnamese fishermen. You can rent a boat and spend your time exploring these islands. Accompanying the islands are great, picturesque as well as adventurous caves and inlets. The best way to enjoy viewing these caves and inlets is by use of Kayaks; carry a tent to sleep in because this will be an adventurous camping trip.

2. Mekong Delta

Southern Vietnam is home to Vietnam’s Rice Belt near the Cambodian border that is also known as the Mekong Delta. The Delta is a huge system of canals that are variant in size flowing into the Mekong River, one of the longest in the whole of Asia. The area is so scenic with most of it being under cultivation, mostly rice, capable of feeding the populations of southern and central Vietnam. This would be one of the best places to relax in your vacation away from the bustle of the cities whilst enjoying the areas fruits and vegetables and meeting the locals.

There are many adventures you can indulge into here in Mekong Delta including taking boat rides in the narrow village waterways. You can also have much fun cycling here whilst indulging with the locals. You might want to have a guide to help you with the translations.

3. Dalat

If you are feeling faint of heart for an adventure to the Western Central Highlands, Dalat will serve you a well-deserved adventure. This is a hill station found in the Central Highland. It is the gateway to the myriad mountain highlands and tiny villages found throughout the area. This setting makes Dalat a fascinating destination for tourist exploration.

One can have an option of a variety of pricy tours or that of your own guide, found easily in the streets, which is more advisable. You can then hire a moped and he will take you to any corner of the little villages.

4. Western Central Highlands

With Dalat as the starting point, the Western Central Highlands are towards the west and towards the borders of Cambodia and Laos. Here, you will get to enjoy the real countryside of Vietnam, off the normal Vietnamese traveller circuit. Some travel reports have indicated that in some deeper areas of these highlands tourists are not welcome. All in all, most travellers have indicated to have had truly remarkable experiences. You will also get too much enjoy and appreciate the ethnic minority villages found here as well as their very diverse cultures.

5. Bach Ma Mountain

Within the marvellous yet adventurous Bach Ma National Park you will find the highest point of the Park; Bach Ma Mountain. The mountain is located a mere 140 metres above sea level and just 18 miles from the beaches. You can enjoy your day by taking the challenge of mountain climbing up the steep and dense mountain and hiking in the park alongside enjoying the scenic landscapes and wildlife. Take photos from the peak of the mountain if you are adventurous enough and if you make it to the top. You will enjoy the spectacular views from up here. Then in the evening, have your romantic dinner at the beach of your choice at the coastline. Apply for your green card in advance as you plan for your vacation to this awesome country.

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