The best of Turkish food To Try During Your Visit

Out of all the countries in the world, Turkish cuisine is most probably the best at taking your taste buds on a ride and once you start eating, there is no stopping. From kebabs selling on the street to cooked stews, Turkish food is delicious, cheap and most importantly there are really hundreds of delicacies to try from! The local food is so lip smacking that you will forget everything else. Here are the best dishes that you just cannot miss in Turkey!

1. Iskender Kebab:

I In Turkey Kebab can mean many things, but the Iskender is the indisputable king. It is a lamb kebab with spicy yogurt sauce, savoury tomato sauce and complementing pieces of toasted pita bread. It's everything a kebab should be- spicy, savory and full of texture. Best places to get it is-Antik Cafe in Izmir or in Bursa.

2. Kokorec:

This is definitely the most spicy and sumptuous Turkish dishes. It consists of barbecued sheep intestines with seasoning of fresh spices and vegetables. Once you have the dish your tastebuds will shout how delicious it is. Tograb a Kokorec is Gala Kokorec at Besiktas, Istanbul is a great place. It is very spicy so you may be surprised when having it for the first time.

3. Sis Durum:

This is a barbecued meat wrap and as tasty as it sounds, it is even tastier to have.You can have it in chicken or beef or adana style which consists of seasoned mince meat pressed on to a skewer.You can have a nice Sis Durum at Mangal Keyfi in Takism.

4. Borek:

It is a luscious Turkish pie normally filled with cheese, meat, spinach or potato. There are a variety of Borek to garb and try out and all of them are great. The best ones are su borek (very creamy, soft pastry) or sigara borek (long and thin with potato or capsicum).They are available in most bakeries.

5. Pide:

Pide is a Turkish equivalent of pizza. It is an extremely satisfying and inexpensive meal that is perfect for a snack anytime, anywhere. It is prepared in a big wood burning oven. It tastes best with toppings of many vegetables and different kinds of meat or all of them!

6. Kofte:

They are the Turkish version of meatballs served with tomato sauce or in sandwich. They are meat balls but better with mouthwatering seasoning and spices.You could have a decent kofta in Turkey at Kofteci Yusuf in Bursa.They are somehow the most delicious and cheapest dish at the same time.

7. Kadayif:

It is minced phyllo pastry topped with liitle bit of lemon juice and some syrup. It is probably most lovable dishes because of the perfect blend of sourness of lemon with sweet of syrup. The dish complements any occasion and time.

8. Midye:

They are perfect mussels filled with black peppered flavored rice. They are delicious that you can lose track of how many you eat and you will forget to count. They can be found in several coasts near the sea at a cheap rate.

9. Doner Kebab:

This could be the most popular Turkish dishes. Although there are many other famous kebabs this is the most enjoyable.You can have it pretty much anywhere in the world. But the most awesome place to have an original one is Donerci Sahin in Usta.

10. Balik Ekmek:

These are extremely tasty fish sandwiches of Istanbul. They taste best with fish of salt water the sandwich and some salad. The most interesting place to have them is in Eminonu on the floating restaurants.

No matter how incredibly tasty and mouthwatering these dishes sound they are tastier when eaten! So get Turkey visas and fly out to have these incredible tasty Turkish dishes.

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