Health Benefits of Strawberries and Dark Chocolate

There are a couple of things that eating chocolate and strawberries can accomplish for your good health (other than making you glad that you are eating flavorful chocolate and strawberries!). Here are only a couple of the astounding restorative properties of our two most loved sustenances.

Specialists find that dull chocolate and headache medicine have comparable consequences for the blood. They disperse the blood so it streams all the more effortlessly, even through somewhat blocked courses, and that could decrease the likelihood of a heart assault.

Anyhow, for chocolate lovers all over, the medical advantages are far and away superior to that.

Flavinoids are supplements found in a wide range of sorts of plants. They help secure plants against malady and bugs. When we eat nourishment with abnormal amounts of flavinoids, these supplements trigger our invulnerable frameworks to create chemicals - proteins - that decrease the danger of a few sorts of disease, coronary illness and some different maladies that accompany age.

The medical advantages of chocolate-secured strawberries are that both chocolate and strawberries contain cancer prevention agents, and cell reinforcements are critical for resistant capacity and forestalling contamination.

Produce, including natural product, makes up the establishment of a sound eating regimen, and the U.S. Bureau of Agribusiness prescribes eating 1.5 to 2 measures of organic product every day.

Strawberries plunged in dull chocolate can add to your organic product admission and offer some medical advantages because of the supplements in the chocolate and the berries. Be that as it may, you ought to devour them with some restraint as a treat, and not as a standard piece of your eating routine.

Vitamin C

Strawberries are a rich wellspring of vitamin C. Every serving of three expansive berries plunged in an ounce of dull chocolate offers 30.9 milligrams of vitamin C - pretty nearly 42 percent of the prescribed day by day consumption for ladies or 33 percent for men, as indicated by the Foundation of Prescription. Vitamin C helps you make collagen, a protein key for solid tissue, furthermore assumes a part in separating fat to frame vitality. Expending an eating routine rich in vitamin C helps keep you solid by securing your invulnerable framework and bringing down your danger of cardiovascular ailment.


Strawberries plunged in dim chocolate likewise support your admission of manganese, a vital mineral. Manganese permits you to metabolize sugars and proteins and offer ascent to useable vitality; it additionally helps in creating glutamate, a compound included in nerve cell correspondence. Manganese helps you make proteoglycans, a class of protein required for solid ligament and bone. Three vast strawberries and an ounce of dull chocolate support your manganese allow by 0.8 milligram, and give roughly 35 percent of your prescribed every day admission, as per the Organization of Prescription.


Flavonoids in chocolate go about as cell reinforcements - they secure your cells against free radicals, harming atoms that add to maturing. The flavonoids in cocoa likewise help control your body's aggravation levels and ensure against coronary illness, which is connected to abundance irritation. Individuals with diabetes may additionally profit by expending some dim chocolate in light of the fact that it helps battle insulin resistance, as per an audit distributed in "Cell reinforcements & Redox Motioning" in 2011. The flavonoid substance of dim chocolate fluctuates, however dull chocolates containing a bigger measure of cocoa solids have a larger number of flavonoids than lighter mixtures.

Calories and Contemplations

Dull chocolate-plunged strawberries absolutely have a healthful leg up over numerous different desserts, yet at the same time accompany a few disadvantages. Three berries dunked in an ounce of chocolate contain 188 calories, contrasted with only 18 calories for the berries all alone. A few mixed bags of dim chocolate may contain more sugar than others, further boosting the calorie content. On the off chance that you don't practice part control, devouring a lot of dull chocolate can prompt weight pick up. For the healthiest alternative, make your own plunged strawberries at home, with the goal that you can choose a dull chocolate with a high centralization of cocoa solids, and control the measure of chocolate you utilize.

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