Useful words & phrases before visiting Laos

You don’t have to learn but it is always necessary to know some basic words or phrases. It is more interesting when meeting and contacting with Laos people in their languages. At Exotic Voyages, we highly recommend you to note some words below to easier to communicate!

  • Hello: sa-bai-dee
  • How are you? : Jao sa-bai-dee bor
  • Thank you!: Kop-chai
  • What is your name?: Jao seu nyuang?
  • My name is …: Khoi sue …
  • How old are you?: Jao chak bpee?
  • I am … years old: Khoi … bpee
  • How much is …?: Ahn nee tao dai
  • It’s too expensive: Peng lai
  • No: Bor
  • Yes: Jao
  • Excuse me/ I am sorry: Khor tord
  • I want/ I don’t want: Khoi ao/ Khoi bor ao
  • Goodbye: Lar-korn
  • Do you speak English?: jao wao pasa angkit dai baw?
  • One: neung
  • Two: Song
  • Three: Sam
  • Four: Si
  • Five: Hah
  • Six: Hok
  • Seven: Chet
  • Eight: Paed
  • Nine: Kao
  • Ten: Sip
  • 100: Neung Hoy
  • 1000: Neung Pan
  • 10,000: Sip Pan
  • 100,000 Neung Saen
  • 1,000,000: Neung Lan
  • Meat: Seen
  • Not spicy: Bo Phet
  • Cold: Nao
  • Hot: Hon
  • Water: Nam

Hope that with these ultimate words, you will have a funny time in your trips to Laos. When traveling to another country, learning a little bit of local language can go a long way towards a rewarding journey. By knowing these popular phrases, you can absolutely cut down the risk of misunderstandings or uncomfortable situations. In most places, people will highly appreciate your efforts to speak their native language.

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