Tremendous Destinations You Must Visit in 2016

The beginning of a new year is the ideal time to stick to the resolutions you’d been making recently. Since the spirits are high, a lot of wonders can be done. Among these, each one of us should resolve to make the year better through traveling the world. If you’ve the strong desire, you can manage everything within your budget. It’s only the matter of abandoning your comfort zone which is the difficult part. Once you begin exploring, you’d never want to stop. That’s how wonderful the world is! Although it would be okay to explore what you wish to, here is our choice of the splendid countries to visit in 2016!

1. Japan

That would be a great start to 2016! The country is surely one of the spectacular wonders of Asia and it would be delightful to explore it in this year. You’d be impressed with a lot when in Japan, the never ending etiquettes, the wonderful traditions and of course the amazing attractions. Kyoto, Tsukiji and Yuki Masturi are some of the spectacular places to visit to explore the beauty and culture of Japan. And of course, why wouldn’t you visit the magnificent Mount Fuji! This heavenly destination is also known for its delicious food, and everywhere you head to you’ll experience that the Japanese tastes are matchless to any other. Sushi and Udon noodles are some of the many specialties in Japan! The country is a dream destination for shopaholics and they’ll have to watch out for their pockets. Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are the amazing cities where you’ll find the best of things.

2. Brazil

The breathtaking Brazil is an amazing choice for your next journey. The country is home to the most delightful stuff for tourists and it is an absolute must to discover it at least once in your lifetime. 2016 is a great reason to visit because Brazil is the wonderful hosts of Summer Olympics this year. Whether you hold love for Rio or Samba, this largest South American country wouldn’t disappoint you even for a second. The wonderful climate all year round make it an excellent chance to explore the pristine beaches of Brazil, one of the many reasons tourists love the country! The Iguacua Falls and Copacabana Beach are a must to explore whilst you’re there. The Brazilian cuisine will delight taste buds of every kind making your trip truly amazing.

3. Fiji

Make your way to paradise on Earth by visiting Fiji in 2016. Fiji is blessed with wonderful nature and great climate, making it one of the best countries to visit in this year. The marvelous waterfalls and divine white sand beaches are surely going to become the highlight of your trip. One of its largest islands, VituLevu is a wonderful site to explore because of the tremendous nature. Nadi is also one of the most beautiful places in Fiji that you must visit. Whether you want to admire the nature or engage in a million adventures, Fiji is an ideal destination!

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