Most Elegantly Styled Hotels in Europe

The definition of an ideal vacation is spending is traveling to Europe. Even better, it is about spending them in one of the most spectacular European boutique design hotels. You would be surprised to come across the choices of such hotels you’ll come across in Europe. Marking high on luxury and comfort, it is a pleasure to stay in one of these. It’s no surprise that they’re extremely costly but if you can afford to pay for the luxury, there’s nothing like it! Here are some of the best of these.

1. La PlageCasadelmar, Porto-Vecchio

A lot of luxurious hotels are based on the concept of artificial beauty. No matter how classy they might be, the element of nature is missing from them. At La PlageCasadelmar, you wouldn’t face this misery. This beachfront hotel provides an ideal stay for tourists in Europe. Because of the renovations the hotel experienced in recent years, the change is tremendous. The hotel comprises of a main building and three villas and all of these define perfection in the best way. The hotel offers a private sandy beach which is a pleasing experience for tourists who want to enjoy their stay without sacrificing their privacy.

2. Hotel Le petit, Paris

Paris is one of the most loved cities in Europe. To make the most of your trip to the city, it would be just to stay in a hotel which is equally amazing. For this reason, Hotel Le petit is a fine choice for a stopover! It’s an excellent way to go back in time and explore the interesting history of Paris. The interior décor of the hotel defines perfection in the grandeur. Tourists are often delighted to discover that every nook and corner of the hotel are truly unique.

3. The Ritz Carlton, Istanbul

Istanbul is a marvelous tourist destination because of the unique cultural fusion. It is one of the finest spots in the world where you can experience the joys of both Asia and Europe. To make your experience even better, make your way to the Ritz Carlton. It is surely an amazing retreat because of the world class facilities offered by the hotel. The services define an optimum level of comfort and the guests are treated in an extremely royal manner. The hotel is ideal as it is closely located to the Blue Mosque. Guests fall in love with the authentic Turkish Hammam offered by the hotel.

4. Hotel Cipriani, Venice

Venice is truly heavenly and staying at Hotel Cipriani is one of the finest choices you’d make as a tourist. The hotel itself claims it to be the Royal Box, if Venice is a theatre. The Venetian styled architecture is a treat for the eyes and guests fall short of admiration upon visiting it. Among the amazing facilities of the hotel is the only swimming pool central Europe that it offers to the guests. The hotel is an ideal place for sports and there’s nothing like relaxing in this chunk of paradise!


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