Dubai: Top 10 Things Do in 48 Hours

Would you like to make your Dubai trip more enjoyable and memorable? Do you wish to make a Dubai tour to its extent of the best? Then this article is for you. You have landed on the right page.

Dubai Information- Dubai is an absconded capital that is far away from modern inventions. It is a trend of designer homes, towering flashy hotels, glittery restaurants and bars. There are many options if you are planning to shop in Dubai that can make you dizzy. You can enjoy various activities like relaxing, shopping, experiencing, dining and pampering in your available 48 hours. To see that you cover all or most of the activities here, instead of getting overwhelmed, the ideal fact is to select the correct accommodation.

Things to do in Dubai

1. The Mall of Emirates

One thing of Dubai attraction among people all over the world is shopping in Dubai. Shopping is something that really attracts many to this city. You will find cafes, shops, activity providers, beauty salons at every step in Dubai, since this is the need of the hour. You can heave a sigh of relief in the cool shopping AC halls where one cannot resist shopping. The rising temperature outside pulls one into the cool shopping malls. The idea to save on your available time is to select a spot and go well through it. It is suggested that you should visit at least one of the both either the Mall of Emirates or The Dubai Mall. These shopping meccas of Dubai feature several shops and various ways to entertain your stopover wishes. While the Mall of the Emirates is home to attractions like Ski Dubai, Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping destination across the globe, featuring about twelve hundred retailers, several food outlets and two department stores. You can spend your whole day there visiting the beauty spas, textiles and tailors, computer shops, superior fashion boutiques, electronics shop and so on.

2. Dubai International Airport

Stopovers in Dubai are infinite and they differ from people to people based on their tastes and preferences. For some, it involves a wandering through the extensive international Airport of Dubai for some hours, buying the duty-free products such as chocolates, perfumes and make-up till the flight arrives. If you are looking for a holiday break to refresh yourself and get a thrilling experience, Dubai offers you all.

3. Dubai Aquarium

It is present in the mall that has the biggest tank all over the world. There is a translucent obstruction between you and the marine animals like stingrays, sharks, etc. you feel like you are beneath the ocean. Do not miss a chance to view the largest aquarium in the world, along with a wide variety and species of marine life.

4. Dubai Fountain

It is situated outside the mall. It has periodic fountain shows in the evenings. It offers the best combo of lighting, music and impressive water movement that not only elevates the water but also one’s mood. You can easily spend half an hour here watching the marvelous water movement that synchronizes very well with the lighting.

5. Burj Khalifa

If you want to see the biggest building in the world, you should visit the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai. At night, the huge skyscraper penetrates into the dark and sparkles with light as the water show elaborates.

6. Souks

If you have not visited the souks in Dubai, then your Dubai tour is incomplete. It is located in the centre of Deira. If you really wish to spend your pennies on exotic stuffs, then just go to your next door to purchase all the spices, saffron, etc; there are markets of teas, herbs and spices that will tempt you to buy something or the other. The rates being reasonable you can purchase sufficient herbs, spices and flavored teas that will last for a year.

7. Desert Safari

A desert safari adventure is the most appealing and attractive point of any Dubai tour. People try to experience this safari, even if they are short of time. It is the best resource to explore Dubai in a short time. The different activities popular here include belly dancing, camel riding, shishas, henna tattoos, Middle Eastern Buffet Diner, a lot of photo opportunities, bike riding and the list goes on and on.

8. Dubai Sunset View

If you get a chance, do not miss to view the sunset from here. The beautiful sunset casts a golden orange glow diagonally over the desert dunes that further increase the beauty of the Arabian Desert. It also offers one of the best photo opportunities.

9.Burj Al Arab

It is said to be the most expensive as well as the luxurious hotel in the world. It is a 7-star hotel. However, prior booking and reservations are a must here. The dinner offered here is world famous and unless and until you are completely hungry, do not dare to go there for dinner.
10. Meydan Race Track

It is the most beautiful race track in the world that is often visited by the horse racing elites. It has top-notch training and breeding facilities. The Dubai World Cup is held here.

So, plan your Dubai trip considering and keeping the above destinations in mind to enjoy Dubai to your fullest. You need to apply for a visa first to visit Dubai. If you are in a hurry, then you can appeal for the 14 days tourist visa to Dubai.


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