Tips on Choosing Israel Tour Guides

One of the best decisions you can make when visiting the “Holy Land” is to explore this beautiful country with some of the reputable and experience Israel tour guides. This is a definitely wise decision that will make your vacation even more interesting and convenient. After all, who can possibly know better certain places or a city than the people who live there?

As you can guess, there are many specialized guide companies you can choose when planning Israel vacation, but you just have to be aware that not all of them are quality and reliable. There are also many amateurs and people who are only interested in your money, nothing else. For example, we know people who were very disappointed with the services of their Israel tour guides due to different reasons: some of them talked only in Hebrew and they barely spoke English, others were too “occupied” with the politics and religion, while some of them were totally unprepared, providing wrong information about certain sites and tourist attractions.

These are people that you just have to avoid during Israel vacation. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use when considering to hire Israel tour guides.

Choosing the best Israel tour guides

The first thing you have to do is to start from yourself- think about what you want and places you would like to visit on Israel vacation. Choose the time and dates that fit you best. If you do this, then you will know what you can expect and how to organize. For example, it is not the same if you want just one-day tour in Jerusalem or you want a detailed tourist program that would include traveling to different parts of the country. If you know exactly what you want, your guide will also be in a position to organize everything as it should be. People often forget that it is their vacation and that they are the most responsible for the final impression.

After this, you must take some time for research. Although all Israel tour guides claim they are the best in the industry, the situation on the field is quite different. This is why you should investigate all options you have. For example, you can ask your friends or people who already were in Israel to recommend you someone. Or you can search these info on specialized tourist websites and forums. Read as many reviews and personal experiences you can. In this way, you will get a bigger picture about the whole situation, which will allow you to narrow down the list of the potential candidates. 
Last but not the least; you should make an arrangement only with licensed guides. All guides that operate in the country must have specialized licenses issued by the government. According to the state’s policy, every guide must complete detailed studies that last approximately two years. Only after this, they receive their licenses and they are ready to organize tours and work with tourists on their Israel vacation. If a person or company doesn’t have this license, just avoid these and search for another.

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