Ideal Places for a Romantic Date in Mumbai

One of the most loved cities in the world, Mumbai has a lot of things for everyone who visits the city. From the mighty Gateway of India to the ancient Ajanta Ellora caves, there are a lot of places that are a tourist’s delight. But if you are the one who have already seen most of them and want to go on a romantic date instead then don’t worry, Mumbai has some of the most romantic restaurants in the country. Just book your Cochin to Mumbai flights and come here to have an awesome time with your loved ones. With excellent ambience, a well-stocked bar and good combination of cuisines, here are some of the restaurants that will help you set up a romantic date with your loved ones.

Get the list of Restaurants here:

1. Aer: Aer has seemingly the most glorious perspectives of Mumbai and the perspective inside isn't too terrible either, with its chic moderate stylistic theme and striking egg-formed bar. Spread over the 34th floor of the Four Seasons lodging, the outside parlor is the place Mumbai's all around heeled gather. All things considered, there's truly nothing more sentimental than mezze and mojitos under the stars, right? 

2. Dome: Based on the housetop of the Intercontinental Hotel. The all-white feel is lovely, the perspective significantly all the more so - surrounding you, the grinning lights of the Queen's' Necklace gleam and twinkle at you, while the inky Arabian Sea hurls delicately underneath. The bar is arranged inside its eponymous vault and produces some great mixed drinks. It's sure to impress them.

3. The Sassy Spoon: Inside all the conflict and clatter of business area Nariman Point, sneaks one of Mumbai's prettiest eateries – The Sassy Spoon. The French-enlivened stylistic layout is peculiar and beautiful –think gauzy blinds, ceiling fixtures, pixie lights, a spot of fuchsia outfitting and a whole mass of disintegrating vintage bags. Culinary specialist Irfan Pabaney's food is generally European with a touch of caprice, so you taste flavor fully odd dishes, for example, cooked red grape and lager ricotta in ragi baguette and braised sesame and anise pork paunch.

4. Bay View: No one goes to Bay View Café for the stylistic layout. No one goes to Bay View for its nourishment either – it's the typical fiery bar grub that is awesome for drenching up liquor (kebabs, bean stew potatoes, fish fingers and suchlike). What Bay View brags of however, is a completely tearing perspective of the ocean. Roosted on Hotel Harbor View in Colaba, Bay View is a budget housetop eatery and bar: there is nothing entirely as delightful as offering a chilled lager to your dearest while looking at the sky blue waters past.

5. Pali Village Cafe: Pali Village Café is the widely adored fashionable person frequent. Peeling dividers, wooden seats, blurred old photos and exposed block dividers don't sound exceptionally sentimental yet at PVC, they all meet up to make an inconceivable air vibe. For a much more personal experience, ascend the whirling staircase to the gallery on the mezzanine, where you'll discover superbly private two-seater tables.

6. The Tasting Room: Sitting easily above Lower Parel's up-to-date way of life store Good Earth, is The Tasting Room. In its warm, captivating environs, it's anything but difficult to envision that you and your sweetheart are eating in a comfortable little bistro in Paris. The culinary expert serves up a delectable Mediterranean menu, with strong cooking that isn't excessively poncy or influenced. In any case, for the individuals who wish to shun the edibles inside and out, The Tasting Room has an eagerly loaded wine bar (300 wines and numbering); an incredible best place to unwind over that tall jug of Bordeaux red.

With so many romantic places to visit in Mumbai get ready to have a cozy time with your loved ones in the city of dreams.


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