10 Impressive Street Foods of Myanmar

Let your Yangon tour begin with a walk to the downtown and you will have a chance to enjoy delicious street food of Myanmar such as Nangyi thoke, Kauknyintok and Bein Mont. 

E Kya Kway: This is a favorite breakfast of Burmese people. It is made from rice flour and then fried which looks like “quẩy” in Vietnam. This dish is often dip into tea or coffee or could be served with soup or the fish noodles of Mohinga.

Roti: As a country located between India and China, Myanmar has been more or less influenced by the culture, traditions and cuisine of both countries. Roti is a typical example. Roti is flatbread originating from India made from fats such as butter, sugar, milk, eggs and flour.

Nangyi thoke: This is a dry noodle - slightly thick noodles, served with chicken, sliced fish, boiled eggs and bean sprouts. You can easily see a lot of sidewalk restaurants in Yangon selling this attractive dish.

Samosa salad: Samosa salad or "thoke" is the main dish in the culinary culture of Myanmar. The flavors and ingredients of samosa salad are different among sellers. However, the basic ingredients are chopped samosa, green beans, cabbage, shallots and tomatoes. They could add a few leaves of fresh mint and a few drops of lemon juice for a tasty dish.

Koh Pieh: This is a type of cake made from sticky rice, covered by a layer of sesame. When enjoying, there will be added grated coconut, a little salt and pepper.

Koh Puo: Koh Puo cake is made from black or white sticky rice, but grilled on charcoal. This dish is served with syrup made from jaggery.

Yay Lone Mont Paw: This is the favorite traditional pudding in Yangon, and usually served in Thingyan festival. This cake looks like the Tangyuan cake of China or Mochi cake of Japan. Basically, this cake is made from sticky rice flour with the core made from jaggery, grated coconut and wrapped in banana leaves.

Kauknyintok: If you like to eat bananas, you should not miss Kauknyintok. This snack with main materials of banana, coconut milk and sugar is covered with fragrant sticky rice.

Bein Mont: This is a type of famous fried cake in Yangon, often sold in the afternoon. This delicious cake is made of sticky rice flour, fresh sliced coconut and almond.

Dosa: It is a type of crepe cake or pancake made from fermented rice flour which originates from South India. Dosa is used mainly for breakfast and sold in almost all restaurants on the streets of Yangon. In addition to Myanmar, this dish is also very popular in some countries such as Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

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