Discover the Summit of Ngu Chi Son in Northwest of Vietnam

Located 25 km from the center of Tam Duong, Hoang Lien Son Pass, Ngu Chi Son Peak with five mountains next to each other at about 2,850m above sea level in Son Binh commune. It is considered the most majestic mountain in the Northwest. This has become the dream destination of many adventurous travellers.

Ngu Chi Son peak is not known much due to the difficult terrain, so not much people come to conquer it. There are only trails along the mountain slopes with lots of waterfalls and primitive forests of hundreds of years old. Passing through the winding roads, you can admire the immense rice terraces of the Mong people. For many generations, the Mong people live together at the foot of the Hoang Lien mountain range, year-round hard-working by wet rice farming.

Green pine forests are immense in harmony with the wind and the birds’ songs, creating a beautiful harmony of mountains and forests of Northwest. It is also the reason why so many visitors come and admire it, and named it "The King of Passes in the Northwest". This is also a stopover for tourists to enjoy and explore.

The road to conquer the peak of Ngu Chi Son is estimated at about 12 km long, mainly through the trail through the primary jungle and rocky mountains which year-round covered by the cloud. The first leg is along the fresh stream with cool water, main resource for rice fields and for people living in Son Binh. It’s also a source of water for the development of cold-water fish such as salmon and sturgeon.

The more you go up, the more magnificent  nature is, and also here visitors find out why many groups choose Ngu Chi Son to conquer, challenge themselves with the challenges of nature. The large rocky mountains are surrounded by thick, mossy forest canopy. The green cardamom fields of the local people along the way has caused the curiosity of many tourists. Under each cardamom tree is the bunch of ripe cardamom fruit wrapped around the tree, look like ruby on the neck of women. According to the people here, cardamom is not only a valuable economic crop, but also a precious medicine that can cure human diseases, and it is an indispensable spice for the cuisine of ethnic people here.

Walking along the stream, approximately 1.5km of forest road from National Highway 4, at an altitude of 2,200m above sea level, between two steep mountainsides, you will see Cau May waterfall. The waterfall is beautiful, not because of the height, but because of the winding and magnificent water rolling non-stop day and night with white foam bubbles as a bridge to connect the floating drifting clouds. At the foot of the cascade is a very shimmering, fanciful scene like in the heaven. All are created by steam, but no less majestic and magnificent. The waterfall flows through the years, deep into the heart of the rock, forming  a deep, blue pond; This is an ideal bathing spot and also a place to inspire the amateur photographer to take beautiful photos. Coming here, everyone wants to capture the best pictures to save as memories when first arrived here.

Up to a height of 2,400m, the thing that anyone can feel is the change of temperature and humidity. Because it’s in Hoang Lien Son range and a windy place, so there is usually white clouds all year around, heavy frost and cold temperatures. At this altitude, there are also many flora and fauna, especially the herbs that grow very much. There are hundreds of species of wood such as magnolia, michelia, burretiodendron hsienmu, oak...... with many different kinds of trees that can not be seen in other north-western forests. Hundreds of rare medicinal plants have not been exploited: Lingzhi mushroom, pseodoginseng, and especially Hoang Lien, which has its own name from the name of this majestic mountain range .... The vegetation here is diverse. The natural landscape is so majestic with the mountain ranges running endlessly. 

Continuing the journey, visitors will conquer deep long trails, soaring and soaring up in many different levels, it seems to have no ending point. Above us is the drifting floating cloud, beloe is the valleys, immense primeval forests in the clouds.

After nearly 6 hours trekking, visitors will reach a height of about 2.800m, where you can see Ngu Chi Son peak. Because Ngu Chi Son peak is very high, rocky mountains are dangerous, so the climbers choose this place as the most ideal place to observe the majestic beauty that nature has given.

The weather here is very cold, in the summer the average daytime temperature fluctuates from 14°C – 17°C, the humidity is above 98%. At night the temperature is sometimes down to 9 - 10 °C. "Hand Mountain" is standing firmly in the middle of the Northwest, the image of five mountains like a wall strongly impresses many visitors. Here you can enjoy the centuries-old primeval forest. To live in a climate of high humidity throughout the year, to survive with nature, these ancient trees themselves produce a thick crust around the trunk, and this is also an ideal place to live for the parasitic trees like moss, orchid, mushroom, lichen ...

A special song of the nature among jungle is created by wind blowing, the rustling of the leaves and mountains and forests. From the height of 2800m, the nature seems to show off all the charms hidden within itself to give to human beings, that only in Ngu Chi Son we can admire it. Here, visitors will have the feeling of being in harmony with nature, as can touch the clouds. The air here is so good. The natural beauty of the place is a gift for those who have the energy to overcome difficulties. Here you can admire the hidden beauty and legendary scene, get the feeling of flying like birds…

And also from this height, on beautiful days when the sky is clear, you can admire the beauty of the whole scenery including Hoang Lien Son Peak, Fansipan peak, Pu Ta Leng peak and so on. That’s the worthwhile gift for those who conquer this montain. After sightseeing, taking pictures, visitors will return to the trail to the original gathering place. This is also a chance for visitors to admire the interesting things being ignored when they climbed up.

Ending a journey full of adventures, looking back on the mountain has just been conquered, interesting experiences and deep feeling strongly rises in the heart of the adventurers. It is also useful experience to add more Into your knowledge of a relatively new field - experience of conquering the climax that people commonly call backpacking or mountain climbing.

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