Experience Thingyan - Burmese Water Festival

The Thingyan Water Festival is the largest and most popular festival in Burma as well as for the people of some Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Thailand. On this special occasion, Myanmar becomes a tourist attraction drawing a lot of tourists here.

The Burmese water festival is also known as the New Year, but the festival is not held in late December or early January. This festival takes place from the 13th to the 16th of April according to the traditional calendar of the Burmese.

The Burmese Thingyan Festival comes from a legendary story involving the gods. According to the narratives of the Burmese, Indra and Brahma are arguing about astrology. No one listens to the other, so they make the condition that the loser will lose his head. Eventually, Indra won, but he would not throw away Brahma's head to the sea because it would drain the sea, nor could it be thrown to the ground as the earth would explode. Indra decided to give it to the Nat (the protection gods of the Burmese) to take turns holding that head. New Year's Day is celebrated on the occasion that the head of Brahma is transferred from Nat to Nat. Meanwhile, Cambodians believe that every year gods in heaven are sent down to take care of life and people, when the year ends, they return to heaven so that the other gods would get down to the world.

Thus, according to legend, Myanmar's new year water festival comes from the desire to preserve the peace of all things in the world and to pray for the blessing of the gods. Myanmar people believe that water will help to wash away bad things, diseases and will bring good luck, happiness, and health. Those who participate in the water festival should get as wet as possible because it is said to bring luck and health in the new year.

Water festival in Myanmar is a religious activity, showing the traditional culture of Myanmar. Water festival brings together all ages, classes, and gender to help increase national solidarity. And especially, the organization of New Year's Water Festival every year is a great opportunity for Myanmar to promote and develop tourism.

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